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Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga arrives in Kajiado on Monday afternoon.

Raila promises livestock insurance scheme to cushion pastoralists

Speaking during the occasion, Jubilee’s director of elections, David Murathe, said he is aware Kajiado has two Azimio la Umoja governor candidates and none of them is the preferred candidate of the coalition.

Governor Joseh ole Lenku chides at Nkedianye.

Nkedianye has best brains but lacks leadership qualities – Lenku

“It is true Nkedianye went to the best universities of the world but he has never been employed anywhere like me,” said Lenku.

Peter Mositet hits back at governor Joseph Lenku tells him to prepare to hand over to David Nkedianye of Jubilee.

Mositet hits back at Lenku, says governor scared of his shadow

Mositet claimed that Lenku ran away to ODM after accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta of forcing him to pick a candidate from the Kikuyu community.

Abigael Sein Jubilee Rombo Ward MCA aspirant.

Meet Abigael, Rombo’s ‘Iron Lady’, philanthropist

On the matters of health, Sein said the people of Rombo walk long distances to get medical services.

Former governor David Nkedianye L and his running mate MP Joseph Manje. 1

Kajiado’s Jubilee candidates list out as Kisemei protests

Kisemei argued that he scored the highest points during the interview while Kelly was last, and wondered what criteria the election board used in nominating a “weak” candidate.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Joseph Lenku.

What governor Lenku told the Kajiado Maasai on April 16

Lenku said he liberated Kajiado from outside aggression when he was elected in 2017, adding that the Maasai community should get up and defend themselves.

Tarayia Kores and Joseph Lenku in Maili 46 on Tuesday April 11.

Lenku declares he is clean, with no audit issues

“Before I came in, the people of Kajiado sought medical services in Machakos, Makueni and Nairobi. I am now happy that my scorecard on health has stood out well,” said Lenku.

Isinya subcounty police commander Ancent Kizito L . He said he is pursuing suspects linked to the offensive flier in Kitengela.

BREAKING: Police Stop Lenku’s demos against Nkedianye

Nkedianye called on the police to do the right thing by arresting and charging those behind the fliers of hate being distributed in Kitengela.

Governor Joseph Lenku shakes hands with ODM MP John Mbadi on Thursday after defecting to orange party.

My people forced me to join ODM to fight for Baba – Lenku

“We are organising ourselves as leaders to see who gets which seat in the coming election. We have Kisii and Luhya communities here. But if you are coming with a force to even demand to cross into our bedrooms, do you think we can allow?” asked Kores.

Governor Joseph Lenku captures Matapato South MCA Hosea Toshi after the latter decamped from UDA during a function in Namanga.

Kores’ statement on zoning rocks political elites, cause tension

Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje, who is former governor David Nkedianye’s running-mate said his boss moved out of ODM because of “trust issues”.