Karamba ole Sendeu was hanged to death after he was convicted of murder.

 Sendeu was charged with the murder of colonial-era Narok DC

Ole Sendeu was hanged for the murder of Hugh Murray Grant on January 28, 1947

The Maa nation leadership.

Leaders of Ilmaasae, the Maasai nation’s traditional leadership

Oloiboni act as a prophet of God, those who practice witchcraft and sorcerer are barred from any Maasai initiation (not anointed to represent the Maasai Nation in any sacrificial exercise or burning of incest before the altar of God).

Mt. Kilimanjaro from the Amboseli National Park.

Lenku wants the county to manage Amboseli National Park

In 2019, an official from KWS says the Amboseli National Park earned more than Sh 1 billion in gate collections, but the amount went down in 2020 and 2021.

Andrew Odhiambo preaching a word of God at his cousins church in Kitengela on September 27.

From crime underworld to Church pulpit, Rasta’s hitman talks  

The police had hunted Wacucu for various crimes since 1993. For instance, he is alleged to have killed two GSU officers on the Outering Road in Nairobi that year. In 1995, he killed a CID officer and two women in Ruiru.

Lover birds Agnes Wamboi and Gabriel Mbuito in Njukini Kirinyaga.

In the eyes of the beholder, Wamboi saw true love in Mbuito

“This is my man, I helped him out of a situation no one would like his or her child to be in. I ensured that he came out of the stresses he was in. I am giving all my love for him, and he equally does so,” Wambui.

Marceline Atieno at her strip club in Kitengela town on Monday September 19.

This is business rivalry, unsubstantiated claims – Motherland bar owner

“I managed to raise about Sh500,000. The crowdfunding was done between December 2020 and January 2021. Upon advice, I settled on starting up a food business in Kitengela town,” she says.

Ole Kaputah meets his renowned friends in Nairobi.

The unsung peace ambassador who ‘cooled’ the Bomas’ crisis

The gospel artist has been feeding widows, street families and people with disabilities, assisting in building and spreading the gospel and footing hospital bills for the sick across the Maasai nation and beyond.

William Ruto.

Ruto’s appeal to Christians was a factor in his election victory

“Just like during President Moi’s regime, it’s likely for church services to feature prominently in Sunday prime-time news,” Mr Manyora added.

Anthony Gaitho Wakabas family members have seen it all.

Ngong sickly man crying for justice after rejection by his brothers

In 2003, Gaitho and his younger brother came back to Kenya to check on their father, but on arriving in Nairobi, they lost all their clothes to thugs.

Abraham Osoi is the Matapato North Ward MCA elect at 24.

Honourable at 24, Osoi promises vibrant, all-inclusive leadership 

In the just-concluded general election, MCA-elect Osoi garnered 4,700 votes against Nkaloyo’s 4,300 as Seki came in third with 3,601.