Kajiado county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha said thorough investigations will be done.

We will take action if anyone is pinned to corruption – Nkanatha

The matter hit the public domain on Sunday after a local daily published it in its columns that the administrator is in the crosshairs of corruption busters for alleged extortion.

Stop birth control says Rampey ole Saidimu.

Stop birth control, Corona is real – Maasai elder

‘There is no family in Kajiado that has not felt the negative effects of this Covid-19 pandemic either by losing of brother, sister or distant relative’ – RAMPEY OLE SAIDIMU

Recovered Makueni livestock in Kajiado.

Do not criminalise pastoralism, go for real criminals – Lenku

Let us remember all the residents there are suffering in equal measure and they need humanitarian support – Lenku

Lillian Rimanto, 23, arrived in the country after 8 months of struggle. Governor Joseph Lenku welcomed her to his office on Friday.

Lenku evacuates girl trapped in Abu Dhabi, pays her air ticket

Rimanto went to UAE last year and had only worked for one year before she fell out with her employer, forcing her to run away

Benson Melonyie walked by a DCI officer in to Kajiado law courts on Tuesday, last week.

Woman protests delay in arresting more suspects in Kitengela 4 murders

Lucy Wanjiru, protested outside the courts the manner in which the police were handling the case