Moshisho’s tribal vitriol is worse than Lenku’s

Martin Moshisho.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Governor Joseph Lenku’s deputy Martin Moshisho is now running amock on roofs, mountains, and hills preaching more hate.

He is adding more flavour to his boss’s drums of war and claiming there is an elaborate plan by former governor David Nkedianye to hand over the leadership of Kajiado to other tribes.

Like his boss, Moshisho is making wild claims on a viral MP3 recorded clip that is making rounds on social media.

Below, our interpreters have extracted verbatim what Moshisho said at a seemingly crowded political rally in his Matapato South Ward home area.

Moshisho in a faint voice: “…If you also decide as the true owners of the land to choose a leader, we need to choose one who God will anoint.

But don’t do one thing: Don’t choose strangers who are in your midst. Elect only one of your own.

Pastor (talking to one in the meeting): “Hasn’t the word of God – even forbid it? 

Crowd: Loud laughter.

Moshisho: It seems (God’s word) to have foreseen the current situation of the Maa of Kajiado.

Moshisho: Please (to the audience) arise because the Bible has even refused this! It is a curse and there are no two ways about it!

Arise my people because “lions” (other tribes) have stepped on the fence ready to pounce. 

The plan is the inheritance of the Maasailand by other tribes. The plan that is there is after a few days you will be led in your land! 

The example that Dr David Nkedianye has set is very bad and quite surprising.  

He has gone and agreed with a man called Manje [MP Joseph] on a 60/40 per cent sharing of the county government. 

Manje will take 60 per cent and Nkedianye will remain with 40 per cent!

Manje, who is an outsider, takes the lion’s share instead of the resident (Nkedianye) of the land! Do you see this kind of weakness?

In the said agreement, Manje will bring in the speaker and finance minister. If Manje is allowed to control the assembly, how long before he influences MCAs to impeach him and take over?

How long before we become beggars in our land? This problem has been brought about by money.

Nkeenki is in the finance department and we (Moshisho and Lenku) put him there.

We have employed so many of our people till we broke the employment barriers/laws. 

Nowadays, we just tell them; “Just go and hang about some roadblock, and at the end of the day get something”

Now, Nkedianye and his agreement with Manje is taking away this ability to employ as we wish and giving it to other tribes.

What does that make you the Maa, who are you going to be?

Some of you are still saying; “Ooh he is one of us, oh this, oh that!” Should this be a matter of discussion?

Do other tribes know our age sets, clans, etc, how would they know, how would Manje, a Kikuyu, know such details?

These are the things extinguishing the Maasai. Arise, my people, because we are more troubled than ever before.

Even if we have to stop all other businesses and protect our leadership and inheritance so be it!

My son (addressing someone in the congregation) it is not for nothing that you spoke with bitterness. 

The “paamu” age set has at least smelt leadership because I am one of them and the DG. We have smelt it. Yes, we have only smelt it because the seat (DG) is currently with us

…laughter from the crowd…

I am sorry I didn’t know you are our age set too (addressing that “my son”)

Thank you!

Now, coz we have smelt it, how about that guy Osoi who was he campaigning for?

When will that age set ever even get any hope of…

End of recording.


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