Kajiado’s growing number of women in elective politics

The women power.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

There will be more women in this year’s general election vying for elective positions than in any other elections before.

In the 2013 general election, there were only two women, Peris Tobiko and Mary Seneta who were vying for the Kajiado East parliamentary and the Kajiado Women Rep seats respectfully.

The two, who hail from Kajiado East, won the election despite a concerted resistance from the Maasai men who were opposed to Tobiko’s candidacy.

After winning in that general election against several men, Tobiko became the first Maasai woman in the country to be elected MP.

Peris Tobiko.
Peris Tobiko.

Regarding the rising number of women candidates in elective positions, Tobiko said the gender members have known that it is possible.

“They have seen it happen. It is doable and Kenyans are ready for women leadership at all levels,” said Tobiko.

Despite the resistance coming from the elders of the Kajiado Maasai, in the 2013 and 2017 general elections, Tobiko concentrated on her campaigns in the urban areas of Kajiado East and won the hearts of the non-Maasai voters.

At the time her closest rival was Kakuta ole Mamai, whom she beat to the second position. After he lost the 2013 general election to Tobiko, Maimai sought court intervention in a petition which he lost again.

Maimai later accused The National Alliance Party of working against his case in court. He was vying on an ODM party ticket. In the 2017 general election the Kajiado East constituency, which is known to produce fiery women politicians, had two women eyeing the parliamentary seat and three others gunning for the women rep seat.

Mary Seneta.
Mary Seneta.

Seneta left her WR seat to vie against Tobiko, who was seeking re-election. Seneta lost the Jubilee nomination to Tobiko and was later nominated to the senate.

Janet Teyiaa of Jubilee won as Kajiado women’s MP against Esther Somoire of ODM. Samayiai Rakita that year lost to Somoire in the ODM nominations. 

So far, in this year’s general election, there will be eight women who have been cleared by their parties to vie elective seats. Tobiko of UDA lost her gubernatorial nomination bid to Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito in the April exercise.

However, the Kajiado East MP is the only party member who has since been assured nomination to the national assembly after the August 9 general election.

Simayiai Rakita (Jubilee) will be facing Jenipher Moinkett (ODM) and Leah Sankaire (UDA) in the race for women MP. The battle is expected to cause a lot of heat in the entire region.

Judy Pareno.
Judy Pareno.

Mary Seneta (UDA) will be facing Marina Kelly (Jubilee) and a host of men in the race for Kajiado East MP. Judy Pareno of ODM will be facing UDA, Jubilee, and Wiper party male candidates in the race for the senate. Pareno, Kelly, and Seneta hail from Kajiado East. 

In the Oloolua ward in the Kajiado North constituency, Sophia Katampoi (Kanu) will be facing opponents from UDA, Jubilee, and ODM parties for the ward seat.

Leah Sankaire.
Leah Sankaire.
Rombo Ward MCA aspirant Abigael Sein.
Rombo Ward MCA aspirant Abigael Sein.
Image 1.
Marina Kelly.
Marina Kelly.

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