Mama Tobiko beats Katoo in UDA nomination poll

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko appears to be gaining popularity amongst the voters after rumours were rife she is headed to the UDA party.

After the MP’s trending in all social media platforms last week, Kajiado News Update, immediately run a Straw Poll popularity test on the Tobiko against her Kajiado South counterpart, Katoo ole Metito.

KNU, in a well-shared poll, asked the people of Kajiado whom they would nominate to run for the region’s top seat of governor between Katoo and Tobiko on a UDA ticket.

The poll was placed for the public on all social platforms across the county on Saturday, September 25 at midday and ended on September 27 at 1 am.

Some 104 people responded to the question asked and participated in the poll.

Out of the 104 people polled, 74 or 71.15 per cent said they would nominate Tobiko in the UDA nominations ahead of the 2022 general elections to face out with governor Joseph Lenku of Jubilee.

Katoo managed 28.85 per cent or 30 votes, which directly dwarfs his effort to win the governor seat in 2022.

Even though Tobiko has not indicated any interest in crossing to UDA, most of her voters are said to be pushing her to join the DP William Ruto’s party.

MP Tobiko said on Tuesday, last week, he cannot work with governor Lenklu in the Jubilee party and wanted President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the issues of Kajiado Maasai ahead of next year’s general election.

“Lenku and I are two worlds apart. It is like water and electricity, we cannot work together,” she said.

On the other hand, Lenku does not consider Tobiko to be a stronger candidate than former governor David Nkedianye in the 2022 general election.

“Nkedianye is a strong candidate because he still maintains his network. He is the only one I can bet with my money,” said Lenku one time in the media.

But even as Lenku is claiming that Tobiko has no grip on the county votes, political pundits rate her as the most progressive politician, “who can turn tables on anyone”.

The political science graduate of the University of Nairobi has virtually covered a lot of ground in terms of meeting with the electorate.

With all the resources in the hands of Lenku, Tobiko is at par with him in terms of meeting with people from all the corners of Kajiado.

Looking at the just concluded popularity poll between the two MPs, it became clear that Katoo has not been heard in most parts of the county.

Tobiko is said to have the capacity to visit more than two churches every Sunday, while Lenku and Katoo do one each.

While Nkedianye is rarely heard of in whatever meetings he attends, insiders in the Lenku side are not comfortable with the popularity Tobiko is gaining lately.

But what has really turned out clearly is that Lenku would use his resources to support Tobiko to beat Katoo in the UDA nominations, if Kajiado East legislator crosses over, so that he can cancel out Katoo.

Lenku still believes he cannot be beaten by a woman in Maa politics and is now playing games to knock down those he perceives to be stronger.

But all taken into consideration, the clan factor in Kajiado is still strong as ever and Lenku is also, like the other candidates, will rely heavily on that factor in delivering the votes.

On the other hand, Lenku will happily face Nkedianye, Tobiko and Katoo on the ballot other than only one of them because that is a sure ticket for him to go home on that coming election day.

The three are from the opposing clan, who feel that the deep state undermined them in the 2017 general election where Nkedianye’s term was cut short.

Any mistake made by the three will see Lenku winning the governor seat in 2022 with all the ease.

But even with that anxiety, the majority of the voters in Kajiado feel they were shortchanged in the 2017 general election and argue that the incumbent governor missed the steps of development from the word go.

Those supporting Lenku say they will rely most on state support (deep state) and mostly on President Uhuru Kenyatta to support his campaign.

This is the reason why Tobiko will never be comfortable in Jubilee, where Lenku is considered a player in its politics.

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