Panic as 17 “lesbian” F4 Olooseos Girls’ students sent home

Olooseos Girls Secondary School students.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

The security apparatus in Kajiado is investigating a case of a senior teacher at Olooseos Girls alleged to have branded “lesbians” 17 students.

The senior teacher, according to teachers and students, is alleged to have summoned all the students on Thursday night and called the names of 17 Form 4s alleged to be the masterminders of lesbianism and shamed them.

On the following day on Friday, the 17 were arraigned in the parade before other students and shamed again as the senior teacher read out their charges.

A teacher said that during the Friday parade, their senior called up the names of the students named and said: “You are the lesbians of the school and you are the ones spreading lesbianism to the point that you want to recruit the Form Ones”.

The senior teacher later announced that 40 more students had been named by other students to be practising lesbianism too and would be sent home too.

This is happening when teachers, including the school’s matron, claimed they were not aware of such cases in the institution.

All the 17 students have been described by teachers as “average and promising” students in the coming Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education to be sat in March next year.

On Saturday night, the county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha and the police county commander, Muthuri Mwongera described as “funny” the way the matter “has come out” and promised to follow up the matter on Monday.

The school’s principal, Florida Maritim, told the Star that she had been away from the school when her deputy came up with the list of the alleged lesbian students.

“I have been away on health issues and when I came to the school on Friday I found this matter. It was chaotic because those named by other students were threatened,” said Maritim.

“It is just that the girls were under threat, for real, I am the one who was informed of the looming strike at 7.50 pm (Friday) by a student, and thereafter I called the deputy to assist in finding out the cause,” said Maritim.

She, however, said the matter should have been investigated to the fullest, adding that the naming of the 17 had caused anxiety in the school.

“We were forced on Friday to clear one of the classrooms for the 17 students to spend the night in there because the threats from fellow students were rising,” said Maritim.

After meeting with the board members on Saturday, Maritim said a decision was reached that the named students be sent home for counselling.

Even after the decision was made, teachers and parents pointed an accusing finger at the senior teacher reportedly to have been opposed to Maritim’s transfer to the school.

The remark was supported by the county director of education, Luka Chebet, who told the Star he is aware there have been complaints from parents and teachers that the senior teacher “is fighting” her boss.

“I am following that matter as soon as I come back on Monday. This issue has been persistent and I do not know why that teacher has been using the local community to fight her senior,” said Chebet.

Some of the students and parents interviewed claimed the senior teacher is rallying the local community students against the principal.

Chebet concluded that he is investigating the matter and would be going to the school from Monday.

Other parents wondered why all the named students to be practising lesbianism were from the “outside” communities.

It is claimed more students named by the local community students would be sent home on Monday.

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