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Lenku’s headache sinks in ahead of 2022 GE

Samuel Kanar Seki prefers precisions, and comes from a family of leaders. His late father, John Seki and retired senior chief, was the county's ambassador for many years.
Samuel Kanar Seki prefers precisions, and comes from a family of leaders. His late father, John Seki and retired senior chief, was the county's ambassador for many years.
“I welcome the decision made by Lenku to drop me from his cabinet.” - KANAR SEKI

With less than one year to the next general election, governor Joseph ole Lenku is facing the fiercest opposition as four sub-counties move to scuttle his comeback bid.

This has been exacerbated by this week’s sacking of former Education and ICT CECM, Samuel Kanar Seki, by governor Lenku on claims his county minister met with DP President William Ruto last Sunday without his consent.

On Monday, governor Joseph Lenku’s office issued a statement shared on their Facebook official page stating that Seki had been relieved of his duties.

“Governor Lenku has relieved Mr Seki of his duties as the CEC member for Public Service, Social Services, Administration and Inspectorate Services and he has appointed Gender, Tourism, and Wildlife CEC member Alais Kisota to step over in an acting capacity,” the FB statement read.

Governor Joseph ole Lenku
Governor Joseph ole Lenku’s action has placed him at crossroads with his former supporters.

The action by Lenku stirred a tsunami of criticism across all social media platforms as he was accused of “blatant” dictatorship and not being fair to the feelings of those who work under him.

Three days after Seki, a former Narok County Secretary who joined Lenku to form his devolved government in 2017, responded to the governor’s action.

Speaking at the home of politician Patrick Tutui in Bissil, Kajiado Central Sub-County, Seki said: “I welcome the decision made by Lenku to drop me from his cabinet.”

“This happened after I made clear my decision to vie for the Kajiado senate seat in 2022 during a function attended by DP Ruto on Sunday. I don’t think that warranted my sacking, but I am happy now that I am a free man,” said Seki.

The meeting at the home of politician Tutui was convened by more than 100 elders from the Matapato community following the sacking of their own to plan for their future.

In a sensational speech, Seki moved the elders to tears as he said he is now happy that he is a free man to pursue his political career under the Hustler Nation initiative of the United Alliance Party.


“The elders have spoken, and I have responded positively to their request. Kajiado Central will now rally behind D Ruto as I take my political position to become the next county senator,” said Seki amid deafening ululations from his supporters.

Seki, in the last general election, delivered thousands of votes for Lenku but the elders in today’s meeting declared they are no longer with the governor.

During the meeting, politicianTutui announced that Jonathan ole Kongo, who had earlier indicated he would be vying for the Kajiado senate seat had stepped down for Seki.

Kongo, who was also present, said he will put his weight behind Seki and the Hustler Nation, at large, in Kajiado Central.

Tutui gave his political line-up and indicated the people of Kajiado Central constituency will be voting for Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito as governor, Seki as a senator, and Moses Birisha as MP.

“As the pastoralists community from Kajiado, we the people of Central constituency have no other political party other than UDA that will squarely understand our tribulation,” said Tutui.

Tutui’s remark had been aired earlier in Kajiado East by the area MP Peris Tobiko, who is also seeking to unseat governor Lenku on grounds the current county CEO failed to live to the expectations of the people of Kajiado.

In Kajiado West, former NTSA boss Francis Meja is also leading a concerted effort to kick out Lenku in 2022 as the area MP, Gorge Sunkuyia, MCAs Moses Saoyo (Keek-Onyokie), and Joseph Masiaya (Magadi) troop to UDA.

In Kajiado North, three elected MCAs are already in UDA and have told Lenku they will only support him if his next deputy governor will be from their constituency.

Kajiado South, Lenku’s backyard, is divided between supporting the governor and MP Katoo, who is now being groomed by UDA to trounce the sitting governor.

With these new developments, the future of governor Lenku, who recently declared that his predecessor, former governor David Nkedianye, is the only man who can bank his money on the 2022 governor race.

Lenku told the Star in June last year that he will not let his seat go to anyone.

“I am the sitting governor, and you think I will let anyone take this seat with all the wealth around me?” said Lenku.

He spoke at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi’s Westlands.



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