Eject non-performing leaders in 2022 election – MP Tobiko

MP Peris Tobiko chats with Noonkopir pupils after officially opening five new clases she built for the school.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

MP Peris Tobiko on Monday said her constituency has the highest number of voters who can make a change in voting in the right leaders in elections.

Tobiko told the residents of the Noonkopir area of Kitengela that she is not a spokesperson of any particular tribe in the county but a mother of all the tribes living in the region.

While speaking at Noonkopir Primary School where she commissioned 5 classes she built with the support of the national government constituency development fund money, Tobiko said she has the muscle to face other contenders in 2022 for the governor seat.


“I am a mother to Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luhya, Kamba, Maasai and all other communities. This is why I was mad when four young men were killed in Kitengela, while other tribal spokesmen kept quiet because it does not concern them when other tribes are killed,” said Tobiko.

She said as a mother, she was pained by the murders that left her to wonder why other Maasai leaders kept quiet about it.

MP Peris Tobiko officially opens one of the five classrooms she built at Noonkopir Primary School on Monday. PHOTO - KNU
MP Peris Tobiko officially opens one of the five classrooms she built at Noonkopir Primary School on Monday. PHOTO – KNU

“You cannot pretend to be a leader of all the people in the county and yet you keep quiet when some of them are killed senselessly because they are not from your tribe,” said Tobiko.

The legislator claimed Kajiado East does not even have a representation of a majority/minority leader and speaker or deputy in the county assembly. You don’t even have a senator because you did not vote wisely in 2017, she added.

SH 10 billion

The MP claimed the county gets about Sh10 billion from the national treasury to run its affairs and wondered why Kitengela is still the dustiest town in the country.

“We do not have anything to showcase to other counties because someone placed their priorities the wrong way. Kitengela town has never had fresh water because someone slept on the job,” said the MP.

She said the population of Kajiado East has risen ten-fold in the last 10 years and the only hospital that serves the sub-county has never been expanded to meet the rising demand.

The MP told the residents of Kajiado to elect whoever they want for the president without worrying about parties, and elect her as Peris Tobiko for governor without thinking of parties.

“If your favourite is the hustler nation, elect their leader as president, and if you are for baba, elect him too, but when it comes to the governor of Kajiado elect your mother, that is me,” said the MP.

Kasoito slums

The MP said she grew up in a poor family where kids could rarely eat a meal and mostly depended on porridge. She was constantly on porridge with her brother, Keriako Tobiko (Environment CS) at Kasoito slums in Athi River.

“At the time my father was a watchman, and at one time when he was on night duty, thugs attack him. This is the reason why I am telling you that God cannot forsake His people forever. You cannot be poor forever,” she said.

She said that as MP for Kajiado East, she built several classes at Utumishi, Enkasiti, Noonkopir primary schools and an entire secondary school at Magereza.

“I have heard someone claiming that there are no public schools in Kitengela after he built one school at Kyang’ombe estate. Sincerely, was he speaking from Mars or the moon because he cannot see the schools we have in this town?” asked the MP.

MP Peris Tobiko plants a tree at Noonkopir Primary school on Monday after opening five new classes she built.
MP Peris Tobiko plants a tree at Noonkopir Primary school on Monday after opening five new classes she built.







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