Conservancies to protect the land for both livestock and wildlife use

Governor Joseph Lenku with top officials of Amboseli Ecosystem Trust led by Jackson Maato.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

There are 60 wildlife conservancies set aside by the various communities across Kajiado county, according to the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust.

The trust’s executive director, Jackson Maato has also revealed that 30 per cent of the wildlife conservancies are sitting on the Amboseli ecosystem.

Maato made the revelation on Friday after signing a memorandum of understanding with the county government in a bid to guide their relationship in the effort of supporting county conservancies.


He said the conservancies are set aside for the protection of wildlife and the environment outside the nationally protected areas.

“Within this county, we have 30 conservancies bringing a total of nearly a million acres of land into conservation,” said Maato.

Governor Joseph Lenku after signing an MOU with Amboseli Ecosystem Trust officials on Friday.
Governor Joseph Lenku after signing an MOU with Amboseli Ecosystem Trust officials on Friday.

The trust boss said this is the effort they requested the partnership of the county government and the close involvement in the decision making in safeguarding that form of land use.

“This form of land use which is the conservancies will protect the land for both livestock and wildlife use,” Maato stated.

This effort, Maato said, is geared to make sure that the land is conserved, the wild animals have free movement between protected areas.

He said that form of arrangement will minimise the human/wildlife conflicts that have been a high challenge within the conservation industry.

“We also make sure that the communities which have set aside these conservation areas also benefit in a big way from this conservation initiative and investment,” said Maato.

Long process

The trust boss said this is just a step in a long process that will require the county government to come up with a policy framework to guide natural resource conservation and sustainable use.

“Our partnership with stakeholders who are committed to conserving our environment and wildlife to enable our people to adopt alternative sources of livelihoods and sustainable land use is a key area of our service delivery,” said governor Joseph Lenku.

Towards this end, Lenku said his government had signed an MOU with the Amboseli ecosystem trust which, among other things, sets a mode of engagement between the county and the various conservancies in the county.

“We are determined to see a healthy co-existence between our people and our wildlife which is our precious natural heritage,” added Lenku.

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