TZ university student inspires Kenyan women to go for education

Sociology university student Elca Onesmo Ismail, 22.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

She loves travelling locally and abroad while making merry in the company of her college girls and close friends.

Getting the best education her country and family can offer is her lifetime dream before she thinks of her own family.

Born in 1999 in their local village in Monduli of the Arusha region, Elca Onesmo Ismail grew up to be a God-fearing child, who remembers her creator in everything she does.

Sociology student Elca, 22.
Sociology student Elca Onesmo, 22, loves Kenya.

Like any child in her village, Elca enrolled in her local primary school and after completing she proceeded to join Enaboishu High School.

Elca was an average student in high school and made friends with fellow students and teachers, an idea she says opened her up to understand everyone around her.

After her high school education, Elca enrolled at the Community Development Training Institute, Arusha where she pursued a diploma course in community development.

While at the institute, Elca travelled widely in East Africa with some of her research tours taking her to Marsabit, Samburu and the Isiolo area of Kenya.

She had an opportunity also to sample some of her research work in Nairobi before travelling back to her country, Tanzania.

On graduating with a diploma certificate from CDTI – Arusha with a distinction, Elca moved on to join a local university in Arusha for her undergraduate in sociology.

“We are trying to make it in education because without a good education, life can be useless. At the end of this, I want to earn a good job before I settle and look for a husband I love,” said Elca.

When KNU asked her the type of man she will pick for a husband, Elca was quick to say: “I want an educated man, and above all.”

She says for the brief time she was in Kenya doing research work with a team from her country, she adored hard Kenyan working men.

“I want to build a strongly religious-bonded family with the Kenyan husband I will find and give our children the best education we can provide,” added Elca.


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