Truth be told, the mountain is tricky, slippery for Raila, Ruto

William Ruto walks in the middle.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.


The real threat to Mt. Kenya dominance of our national political leadership is Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto.

Following this threat, the deep state is now determined to set Raila and Ruto against one another. 

The eventual plan for the mountain is Gideon Moi through One Kenya Alliance because they believe they can manipulate him to play their game. 

The Summit

Raila should know by now that he and the summit were short-changed after the 2002 elections irrespective of his “Kibaki Tosha” declaration that crowned Mwai Kibaki as president.

Raila Odinga excited.
Raila Odinga is excited.


The ODM leader campaigned vigorously for Kibaki when he (Kibaki) was hospitalised in London. Were it not for Raila, Kibaki would not have made it. 

The ODM leader was further given the shortest side of the stick in the 2008 coalition government with Kibaki. He trusted too Kibaki very much but suffered the consequences of being a stooge prime minister in the government. 

Killer Dagger

Looking at the current relation between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta, the handshake was a trick to bring him closer to his enemies to shorten the distance of the killer dagger.  

That dagger is the Building Bridges Initiative, whose contents were manipulated to make it a Raila project. 


Whenever I hear Jakom (Raila) say that reggae will continue I wonder what he knows that most of his supporters don’t know. 

Remember the Mau Forest removal of squatters, was a government project but Raila was left to face the wolves on his own.  What has changed for him to believe that the mountain will support him?

The ICC Case

As for Ruto, he was set up through the ICC case. After the case was over and the cows were safely in the kraal, the DP was disillusioned to think that he was an equal partner in Uhu’s government.

The DP was granted the king’s crown between 2013 and 2018. 

The mountain saw that DP Ruto was a better player than their Muthamaki and has to be brought down unceremoniously. 

Since our politics are unapologetically tribal and ethnic, it is time the two Nilotic political voting blocks of Nyanza and Rift Valle see that they were used and are still being used to advance the political life of the mountain.

The row between President Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto reached a new high on February 18 when the latter claimed he was locked out of a meeting with top State officials.

State House Meeting

In the meeting with Cabinet Secretaries, Chief Administrative Secretaries and Principal Secretaries, Mr Kenyatta demanded the completion of projects, a key deliverable, 17 months to the end of his second and final term.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, who chairs a committee of the Cabinet that coordinates the implementation of government projects, and Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua sat at the high table with the President.

Just days before that meeting, Kenyatta reportedly told the DP to quit if he’s not happy with his administration.

That meeting was the second time in seven months that the DP was locked out of such a State House function. Kenyatta only wanted to use the Matiang’i-led team forum to lay out his vision for the second half of 2020.

“As far as I know, the Deputy President was not invited. But let State House clarify,” the DP’s director of communication Emmanuel Talam told the media then.

In the July 2020 meeting, President Kenyatta said no government projects would be implemented without his express say.

One week prior to the February State House meeting, Kenyatta criticised his deputy for criticising the government for its failures while at the same time taking credit for its successes.

“On the one hand, you criticise the government and on the other, you want to say you have done such and such as government. How many governments are there? If you want to work with us, please do. If you want to criticise, get out,” the President said in Dagoretti South, Nairobi.

The DP responded, arguing that he is in government to stay and is the best person to take over from President Kenyatta.



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