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I will take my people to the winning team in 2022 – MP Tobiko

Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko at the PCEA, Kitengela in a past event..
Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko at the PCEA, Kitengela in a past event..
RESPECT: I will give respect to President Uhuru Kenyatta to the last minute, but again I am a politician - Tobiko

Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko has indicated she may be headed to DP William Ruto’s party UDA ahead of the 2022 general elections.

Speaking while addressing Loitokitok delegates at her Ilpolosat home on Monday, Tobiko said although he is supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta to the end of his term, she is a politician who should ahead of that coming general election.


“I will support him but you should know also that I am a politician, and I am entitled to take my people to the winning team. Even if it means going to UDA,” said Tobiko.

The MP caused laughter when she said she will storm the UDA party and remove someone to create her space if they lock doors and windows on her.

She said she will not sit back as other politicians are re-aligning themselves but will look for a popular political bandwagon that will deliver a president in the 2022 general elections.

“I am in Jubilee now and supporting my party and President to the end of his term. Thereafter, you never know what will happen,” she said.

Already, two members of parliament are aligned to UDA – they are; Katoo ole Metito (Kajiado South) and George Sunkuyia (Kajiado West) with a following of 26 Kajiado MCAs.

Metito has indicated he will vie for governor in the coming general elections, and Tobiko has also done the same.

While addressing her delegates from Loitokitok, MP Tobiko said she former governor David Nkedianye to support her gubernatorial bid in 2022 because she supported him twice in 2013 and 2017.

“It is time he supports me in 2022. I have invited him several times to come and sit with me. We need to talk about this journey which I have started,” said Tobiko.

“I want to restore the dignity to our people and bring back development. We need to uplift the lives of our people,” said Tobiko.

When asked for comment, Nkedianye said he is ready for talks with like-minded people to run a smooth campaign ahead of 2022.

“We have all indicated our interest in the governor seat but we have not stopped talking with those we are walking together like my sister Peris and Francis Meja,” said Nkedianye, who governor Joseph Lenku has variously described as his “real challenger” in 2022.

Delagates from Loitokitok at MP Peris Tobiko's home in Ilpolosat.
Delegates from Loitokitok at MP Peris Tobiko’s home in Ilpolosat.

MP Tobiko told the delegates that the people of Kajiado should vote for good leaders and not parties.

“I have spoken to all the Kajiado MPs from Katoo, George Sunkuyia (Kajiado West), Joseph Manje (Kajiado North) and Kanchory Memusi (Kajiado Central). They are all eager that Lenku should be sent home in 2022,” she said.

The outspoken Kajiado politician said she is ready to take on Katoo as her running mate in the Kajiado gubernatorial race next year.




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