EDITORIAL: Too much bad blood, bad mouthing that never was necessary

Lenku also “rubbished” Nkedianye’s leadership saying it cannot be compared to his (Lenku’s).
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

In public rallies, the electorate always expects leaders would use such occasions to showcase their development records.

It is during such occasions that the electorate can grab the opportunity to gauge their leaders.

But what Kajiado witnessed at the home of former Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda during a fundraiser last Saturday is just the tip of the iceberg of what we will be hearing until after the 2022 general election.

All that happened, what we heard and what we saw reflects the feelings of the people out here, and generally, that is what it is.

David Nkedianye.

Those in leadership, as we move forward, will be angry with the voters because they are refusing to see the “good” things they did while they were n elective offices.

They will even say they did better than their predecessors and yet it is blatant truth they did nothing.

When former governor David Nkedianye told governor Joseph Lenku at Sakuda’s home to prepare to leave office and hand over keys, it did not come as a surprise. That is politics.

It means Nkedianye was telling Lenku what most of the people out there are saying.

Some people feel they are betrayed by Lenku’s leadership. He took over office three years ago, and until today he is still trying to justify to the people of Kajiado that he was elected!

In replying to Nkedianye’s assertions that he had failed the people of Kajiado, Lenku accused his rival of spreading unfounded propaganda, which he did not name, in a bid to woo voters.

Lenku also “rubbished” Nkedianye’s leadership saying it cannot be compared to his (Lenku’s).

What is comparable in the tenures of the two, if I may ask, what is Lenku’s leadership legacy, and how can it be compared with Nkedianye’s multiple projects that spread across the county?

It is true Nkedianye handed over the mantle of leadership to Lenku after the controversial 2017 general elections. That is a fact.

But for Lenku to claim that Nkedianye’s presence in the handing over ceremony would not have been of any value shows the kind of person he is as a leader.

When Nkedianye spoke in Kimuka on Saturday, he said his development record is visible, because what he did for the people on the advent of devolution can be felt.

Lenku would have also told the residents of Kajiado what visible development projects carry his badge, instead of running amok with issues of ship and buses.

Nkedianye further asked Kajiado leaders to maintain peace and accept the outcome of any elective seat.

Indeed, as Nkedianye said, wananchi have the power to see and analyse what a leader has done. Indeed, sideshows and much talk would be meaningless to the electorate.

Joseph Lenku.
Joseph Lenku.

We are not saying Lenku has not done anything to “his” people. We are not condemning his leadership, but the way he does some things and even makes statements, begs many questions.

One cannot claim to be the face of unification, and yet he is filled with hate, anger and all that is no commensurate with unity.

Why is Lenku concerned about the 2022 general elections, now than before, and yet he has earlier been moving around telling people that Kajiado is locked?

What has unlocked Kajiado, now that Nkedianye is asking people to reconsider his leadership?

Let those in politics campaign for seats, you are not the only one deserving to be elected governor.

Kajiado county is now fully cosmopolitan, and the views of all the people living in this county matter. As a leader seeking an elective position, you must speak to everyone.

And fastback to Kimuka. We appreciate that politician Sakuda has been through a lot of suffering in his illness. God take care of your sheep.

It was wrong for Lenku and Nkedianye to trade accusations in the home of the sick. We know who is a political orator among you, and you should have done the right thing by organising a joint political rally in either Kitengela or Ongata Rongai.

Why Kitengela or Ongata Rongai? The two towns have the highest number of voters in the county.

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