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Sorry for electing a self-centred governor in 2017, Nkedianye tells Kajiado

Dr David ole Nkedianye
Dr David ole Nkedianye
TECHNOCRAT: An astute university lecturer and a refined technocrat, Nkedianye is known for his precision in actualising government policies


Former governor David Nkedianye has denounced a story attributed to a local media house claiming he will support governor Joseph Lenku in the next election.

“Governor Joseph Lenku is desperate for power to the extent of stooping that low to sponsor bloggers to disparage my persona in spreading unpalatable rumours about my stand in the coming general election,” says Nkedianye.

The former governor was remarking on the social media circulation of a story attributed to a local newspaper, whose owners have since distanced themselves from the item.

A source at the county press claims a front-page pdf copy of their newspaper story for the June edition “leaked” and “bloggers” took advantage of it to come out with “their headline”.


Whether it was the works of the bloggers paid to distort a well-intended story, Nkedianye said such should not distract his focus on building a formidable team for his 2022 general election campaign.

“I am urging my sister, MP Peris Tobiko, and my brothers; MP Katoo ole Metito, Francis Meja and Tarayia Kores to support me in this journey. I promise I will not disappoint them,” said Nkedianye.

Former Kajiado governor Dr David ole Nkedianye.
Former Kajiado governor Dr David ole Nkedianye.

He said he is supporting the BBI and the outcome of the document in a referendum will guide his political course in next year’s general election.

“At the moment, I am the best bet to face Lenku in this race, and I promise the people of Kajiado that they will not regret picking me to complete the projects I put in place between 2013 and 2017,” said Nkedianye on the phone.

He said many people are currently regretting the wrong choice they made in 2017.


They voted someone who is preoccupied with becoming “spokesman” and “chairman” for “everything”.

“How can you be a spokesman for everybody and running all over the place and holding conferences in hotels in Nairobi trying to justify that indeed you are the tribal spokesman of the Maasai?” asked Nkedianye.

The former governor said it is not his will to talk about other people and their lives but believes the people of Kajiado made a grave mistake to elect a person whose beliefs are self-centred, confused and misplaced.

“The good foundations I put in place after the 2013 general election in 2013, including a colourful County Integrated Development Plan, the projects I launched such as Ngong Stadium and Kajiado Library, went to waste under Lenku’s administration,” said Nkedianye.

Nkedianye says Lenku refused to complete the projects for fear that the credit would go to the former governor.


“He should have taken the credit for completing them, and I would take part of that credit for starting them. This way, the people of Kajiado would be winners,” said Nkedianye.

He said that after he was elected, MCAs elected through TNA ticket were more than those of the opposition.

“They frustrated me because I was an opposition governor, and they disallowed me to have my ministers for almost a year. But I am happy we worked together very well,” said Nkedianye.

The former governor accused Lenku of buying out MCAs to support his “unpopular” policies that have no bearing on the lives of the people of Kajiado.

Dangerous precedent

“This is a dangerous trend and MCAs should stand to be counted in supporting policies that can make the lives of the electorate better. Do not accept to be bought,” Nkedianye urged the MCAs.

He said Lenku is scared of his candidacy – “He seeing my shadow everywhere he goes in Mosiro, Loitokitok, Kajiado Central and everywhere. The people have eyes and many are calling to express their regrets on what they took as their leader,” added Nkedianye.

When asked how he would rate his successor in terms of development in the county, Nkedianye said – “Below par at around 40 per cent”. He said he could do better than running all over laces thumping his chest on issues that do not concern the voters.

David ole Nkedianye.

The former governor said while he was in office, he prepared the ground for the World Bank to put up the market in Kitengela and Ngong, and therefore Lenku cannot pride in the two because he has no idea how they came about.

An astute university lecturer and a refined technocrat, Nkedianye is known for his precision in actualising government policies.

Most people in Kajiado, who missed last year’s Madaraka Day event marked by the national government to take place in the county, believe could have been possible had Nkedianye been governor.

Governor Samuel Tunai saved the face of Kajiado at the last minute when, last year, when he prepared the event in Narok under 3 months.







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