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Kaputiei North: Olowasa under siege as he faces young blood in 2022 race

Joshua Olowasa is the Kaputiei North Ward MCA.
Joshua Olowasa is the Kaputiei North Ward MCA.
WORD: Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity – VJ Lemar

The case of the Kaputiei North is similar to one in a bible verse (Mark2:22) – the story of the new wine and new wineskins as provided by Jesus.

Jesus referred to the wineskins about what it means to change from a consciousness of living by public ritual to a consciousness of authentic spiritual life.

Dennis ole Matinkoe
Dennis ole Matinkoe

In reality, no one puts new wine into old wineskins: otherwise, the wine will burst the skins.

The new generation order that is composed of politicians; VJ Lemar (Leonard ole Lemayian), and Dennis ole Matinkoe will by all the standards, give the incumbent, Joshua Kintei Olowasa, a run for his money.

The youthful politicians have the required education, the energy and the understanding of what that position of the MCA entails.

Isinya-Konza road

It is now up to MCA Olowasa to convince the people of Kaputiei Ward why he closely worked with governor Joseph Lenku to deny a good road between Isinya and Konza.

Some of my readers, here, may argue that the road in question is not under ward or county road network system.

VJ Lemar
VJ Lemar (Leonard Lemayian).

It is true, it is not under the county road network, but the MCA with the support of the governor and the local area MP can influence and cause the repairs to be undertaken.

The people of Kaputiei North may have many issues unresolved, and the incumbent may or may not get the time to explain why certain issues went south while he was in office.

The newcomers into the Kaputiei North Ward 2022 race will also be vetted by the voters. 

They will be required to tell the electorate what new ideas they are bringing on board.

Elective positions do not come easy. The incumbent could have maintained all the people who voted for him in 2017, and then you get into a race that is tilted in a way.

How many bills did Olowasa bring into the county assembly during his five-year tenure in a bid to help the people of Kaputiei North?

Toxic discharges

We have heard of farmers living around flower farms talking of toxic discharges into their farms. What did Olowasa do in the assembly to address the matter?

The MCA prides on the security lighting system in Isinya, which he says has played a major role in arresting runaway security. Are there blackouts in Isinya like in other wards like Kitengela and Oloosirkon?

Olowasa is also talking about good roads in Isinya town. Why can’t he be given another chance so he can bring deserving development?

What has the people of Kaputiei North benefitted from the MCA’s relation with the governor?

The people of the Ward elected him as an opposition MCA and expected him to provide checks and balances to the executive, but instead went to bed with the governor.

For the newcomers: where are your leadership blueprints, what are you planning for the people of Kaputiei North in the next five years if elected MCA?

We are keeping tabs on the political ongoing in the ward as we approach the next general elections.


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