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Manje to ride on exemplary service to voters in 2022 election

MP Joseph Manje was first elected to parliament in 2013.
MP Joseph Manje was first elected to parliament in 2013.
ELECTRIFICATION: The MP has lobbied for electrification and the connectivity in the constituency is at 100 per cent

First elected to parliament in March 2013, to represent the populous Kajiado North constituency, Joseph Manje has continued to ride on his exemplary service.

In less than 8 years, Manje was able to create a day secondary school for every public primary school and in the process made the transition rate100 per cent.

It is only in Kajiado North, in the entire county, where the MP has created fairly good bursary vetting committees at every sub-location levels that issue targeted bursaries. 

“After being elected to parliament in 213, I embarked on mapping of police stations in the constituency, and even bought land to distribute security services,” said Manje.

Before his election, Kajiado North’s security services were put under the Nairobi Command after the local commander in Kajiado failed to tame the run-away security.

Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje.
Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje.

The MP and his NG-CDF decided that lack of security will scare away investors, and therefore came up with a program of putting up modern police stations across the constituency. 

“I also used CDF money to buy pieces of land for chiefs and sub-chiefs for construction of their modern offices to space up administration in the constituency. Taking government services closer to the people has always been my dream,” said Manje.

The MP has also lobbied for electrification and he now says connectivity in the constituency is at 100 per cent.

He also says he has lobbied for roads infrastructure and Kajiado North is now doing well. 

“I have also contributed so much in creating a peaceful environment in the constituency and county at large. My constituency has all the tribes in Kenya and peaceful cohesion is very important,” Manje said.

He went on: “At a personal level I have a very vibrant Manje foundation that has helped through collaboration has managed to remove street children by rehabilitation, education and empowerment”.

Manje was born and bred in the Kiserian area of Kajiado North sub-county and in 1971 joined class one at Kiserian Primary School.

On completing his primary school education in 1977, Manje joined Olkejuado High School in 1978 for his lower secondary school education.

In 1982 Manje was enlisted for his 2-year “A” level course at Njiris High School. In 1984 he joined Kenya Science Teachers’ College and later acquired a Diploma in Education.

Later in 2001, Manje joined the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.Com) and completed it in 2005.

On completing his degree course in 2005, Manje embarked on his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and completed it in 2007.

He taught at Olkejuado High School between 1986 and 1992 before joining Manyatta Hides and Skins as manager.

MP Manje served commissioner at the Teachers Service Commission between 2005 and 2007 before joining Nannete Limited as a manager between 2011 and 2012. 

In parliament, he served as of departmental committee on energy and the select committee on implementation from 2017 to date.




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