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Affordable healthcare is human right, I will fight for it – Politician Gutuiyu

PPC Kariuki Gutuiyu.
PPC Kariuki Gutuiyu.
BATTLES GALORE: The young politician will be facing heavyweights of the likes of MP Joseph Manje and Nominated MCA Onesmas Ngogoyo.


Water, affordable decent houses and quality/affordable health care for all tops Peter Gutuiyu’s agenda in his 2022 political journey.

Gutuiyu, who has made public his interest to vie for Kajiado North parliamentary seat in the next general election, says the right to water, housing, healthcare and food is a human right.

“All that I have mentioned, including security, and quality education are human rights which every leader should strive to avail for his/her people,” said the politician.

Gutuiyu hails from Oloolua Ward in the constituency where he was born on November 26, 1980.

The politician, who went to Dagoretti High School and later joined Africa Nazarene University, says if elected his progress should be measured by the availability of the basic needs in every household in the constituency. 

Gutuiyu is an economist, philosopher and entrepreneur and being a graduate of Finance and Banking, he says he will micromanage all the resources channelled through the national constituency development fund with the precision it requires.

“Implementing them be a key focus of mine as the sitting MP for Kajiado North constituency. I should find and fund solutions for all people,” said Gutuiyu.

Voters, he said, expect elected leaders to represent them in every way and to fight for them without fear or favour. 

“Kenya is not for the chosen few but all of us. None of us is more Kenyan than the other so we all deserve the very best that our beloved country has to offer,” he said. 

He said Chapter 6 of the Kenyan constitution emphasises leadership and integrity and urged the people of Kajiado North to reject greedy people in leadership positions. 

PC Gutuiyu
PC Gutuiyu.

“A door is much smaller compared to the house. A lock is much smaller compared to the door. A key is the smallest of all. But a key can open the entire house,” says Gutuiyu. 

On the use of the national constituency development fund, the politician said he will ensure the fund is managed by eminent people of Kajiado North.

“The money getting to that kitty must be used in accordance to the expectation of all the people, and not individuals. We shall also ensure the right people get bursaries for their children in schools and colleges,” said the politician.

He said he will also work closely with donor communities to plant more trees in all the schools in the constituency, adding that environmental issues will also be on top of his agenda.

“I will also work closely with the elected governor and ensure that business communities in Ngong, Ongata Rongai and all urban centres get value for their taxes,” he said.

Gutuiyu will be facing a host of other politicians that include the incumbent, Joseph Manje and Nominated MCA Onesmas Ngogoyo.

“I am not looking at who is my competitors in this race but I am more concerned about what will I do to provide the best of representation once elected?” he asked.




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