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Meja makes it again, trounces five others in popularity test

Former NTSA boss Francis Meja trounced the rest to become victor.
Former NTSA boss Francis Meja trounced the rest to become victor.
“These are the people who shape opinions out there. They know who unsuitable leaders are and will cause their rejection during elections,” said Pasha.

BY LINET MINAYO – Senior Reporter

In the online Strawpoll popularity test released on Thursday at 7 pm, former NTSA boss Francis Meja scored 111 points out of the possible 367 votes.

That represented 32.94 per cent point of the total votes that placed MP Peris Tobiko second with 25.82 per cent as Governor Joseph Lenku came third with 20.18 per cent.

How people voted on-line.
How people voted online.

Kajiado South MP Katoo Metito was 4th with 13.95 per cent ahead of David Nkedianye who scored 6.2 per cent, while politician Josiah Kores came last with 0.89 per cent.

While speaking to KNU after releasing the results, Jonathan ole Pasha said: “Real or perceived, the social propaganda campaign is extremely powerful and changes people’s way of reasoning.”

“Our governor social media machinery really did a good job between 2018 and 2019 but have lately been overrun and completely reduced to literally to nothing by strong and well-coordinated opposition bloggers,” said Pasha.

When asked if there is a possibility that Lenku can recreate himself for a comeback in 2022, Pasha said: “Yes and ‘No’. Yes, he might come back depending on several factors that include – if all the other five candidates refuse to agree on one candidature.”

Pasha said ‘No’ if one or two candidates are left and the rest drop, and then Lenku will not be re-elected.

Joseph Lenku was placed third.
Joseph Lenku was placed third.

The political analyst said Meja, Tobiko and Katoo will give Lenku a run for his money in 2022, adding that the perception out there is that people are thirsty for change.

He said such polls are healthy as they make people think and evaluate their leaders. Most of those who participate in the polls are mostly the elite in society.

“These are the people who shape opinions out there. They know who unsuitable leaders are and will cause their rejection during elections,” said Pasha.

In the just-concluded online poll, a simple question was asked: “Whom will you vote for as your governor if an election takes place today”.

MP Peris Tobiko
MP Peris Tobiko trounced governor Joseph Lenku to clinch the second position.

The questionnaire prepared by a respected political analyst Pasha contained the names of Lenku (incumbent), MPs Tobiko, Katoo Metito, former governor Nkedianye, politicians Meja and Kores.

The post was shared on nearly all the social platforms in Kajiado County for the next five days so that the people could have ample time to vote.

Our take

Kajiado residents from the last election in 2017, have been endlessly debating on issues of quality leadership and development.

Many think all is not right as most essential services, such as hospitals and water, were run down immediately after the last general election.

Others think and assume those calling for services have been paid by alleged opposition to picket and spoil the name of their leader.

But the fact is, many people say, there is a big problem in the current leadership.

Hospitals have no drugs, the county cannot pay workers, and the revenue that it collects is not known where it goes.

Ambulances ceased operation and the sick have to be transferred to other counties for treatment because the executive has no regard for the people.

This is the reason the media has to step in and tell the executive to style up and do what the masses expect of it or prepare to ship out after the next general election.

You cannot cook the cake and eat alone. During this period of coronavirus pandemic, residents of Kajiado have been adversely affected by lockdowns.

Many businesses have closed down, contractors who offered unpaid services to the county have had their equipment auctioned because of bankruptcy.

Former Kajiado governor David ole Nkedianye.
Former Kajiado governor David ole Nkedianye.

The heartless executive cannot see why person “A”, should be paid instead of person “B” because of some interests, which the majority of people of Kajiado know very well.

The 2010 Constitution brought about devolution, hence the birth of the 47 county governments full of executive and legislative powers.

They are all fully funded by the exchequer on top of locally acquired revenue collected to supplement the budget annually.

As time ticks toward the August 2022 general election, when Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will give Kajiado voters another chance to elect leaders, it is prudent that accountability leadership qualities should be taken seriously by the electorate.

Katoo Metito.
Katoo Metito.

This is the reason why many bloggers and journalists have gone out flat to sensitise the people of Kajiado on the reasons they have to open their eyes wide before making another big mistake in the next general election.



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