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GRAND RACE: Who will fit into Metito’s shoes in next general election?

MP Katoo ole Metito will be vying for governor next year.
MP Katoo ole Metito will be vying for governor next year.
BATTLES GALORE: Both Parashina and Meijo are from the Odomong’i clan, Katoo is fronting an Orokiteng’ candidature against Lenku’s will.


Kajiado South politics has, for close to 20 years, been dominated by MP Katoo Metito, who took over after the demise of Godfrey Parpai.

Metito was first elected Kajiado South MP in 2003 on a Narc K ticket in a by-election following Parpai’s death. He has been synonymous with his development record.

Parpai, the former Kajiado South MP and Minister in the office of the president in former President Mwai Kibaki’s regime passed on at Nairobi Hospital in August 2003.

Metito’s predecessor, Parpai, was the first politician to be elected on an opposition party ticket (DP) in Kajiado.

After Parpai passed on and a by-election was called, Engineer Joseph Ole Nkadayo “grabbed” former president Kibaki’s ticket, PNU.

The political party in leadership at the time was PNU and after Nkadayo got the ticket, Metito was later forced to turn to Martha Karua’s Narc K party. He got the ticket.

Group ranches

The Kajiado South politics and elections are determined and served by the various group ranches’ officials.

MP Metito held together all the top officials of all the group ranches in the south for purposes of winning elections.

Samuel Parashina
Samuel Parashina.

Currently, Metito is one of the longest sitting MP in the national assembly. He played his political cards well and was always close to his supporters.

Whoever will succeed him in next year’s general election has a lot to learn from the outgoing legislator.

Kajiado South constituency is a metropolitan region, and most of the voters are in and around its urban towns.

Looking at the trend of past elections in Kajiado, the people of the South constituency do not follow parties, but individuals.

When Parpai was elected on a DP ticket, people thought he was going against the grain. Later came Metito, who was also elected to parliament on a little known political party, Narc K.

Metito is going to end his 20th year as Kajiado South MP, next year. He has also announced he will be seeking the position of the region’s governor in next year’s general election.

Now, as we head to the upcoming general election in Kajiado South, several men have shown their interest in taking over Metito’s parliamentary seat.


Following Metito’s announcement that he is no longer interested in the seat, several politicians have shown their interest in running for the vacant seat.

They are; Jonathan Meijo, Samuel Sakimba Parashina, Daniel Nina, Benjamin Kool, Samuel Kutata, Ngida Sitonik, Shadrack Sabulu, Daniel Kisemei and John Parit.,

Kool, a former Kajiado South MCA, along with Kutata and Sitonik are aligned to MP Metito.

The former MCA is from the Orokiteng’ clan and is Metito’s blue-eyed boy. He is most likely going to run on a UDA for the Kajiado South parliamentary next year.

Kool is said to fit the bill on Metito’s side. He has the wits to run a tireless campaign for his boss in the south. He is currently the third most popular among the contestants who have fronted their names.

The trio, Kool, Kutata and Sitonik, will most likely go for party primaries ahead of the 2022 general election if there will be no consensus reached on any of them.

On the other hand, Governor Joseph ole Lenku of Kenya One Alliance has Parashina and Nina on his side as his possible candidates for the Kajiado South parliamentary seat.

Currently, Parashina is the man to watch. Trends have shown that he and his team will play a crucial part in drumming up support for the re-election of the governor in the south as Lenku focuses his efforts on the other four sub-counties.

Parashina will be depended upon by Lenku in terms of vote search in the south in next year’s general election.

Jonathan Meijo.
Jonathan Meijo.

Sabulu alias Wenger is also said to be vying for the seat on the Service Party of Mwangi Kiunjuri. TSP is in alliance with UDA and it is not clear how he will sort himself with Katoo’s men of the moment.

Parit announced earlier than the rest, his intent to contest the seat and has even hosted elders and church leaders to bless his candidature.

Local political ratings in Kajiado South, currently, indicates Parashina and Meijo are ahead of the pack.


Parashina threw his name in the ring following the appointment of his brother Keen Parashina for an ambassadorial position in Israel.

The politician is progressively building up his political empire and with well-oiled political campaign machinery, he can easily win the Kajiado South parliamentary seat.

From his father, who was a chief in the area for more than two decades, Parashina is a household name in Loitokitok and the entire constituency.

The family lives in the cosmopolitan area of Loitokitok with the greatest inter-communal and inter-tribal coexistence making him a potential trusted leader who will perpetuate the already existing peace and unity in the area.

Clan factor

Both Parashina and Meijo hail from the Odomong’i clan, and it is Lenku’s wish that the next MP for Kajiado is from that lineage.

Metito, who is also an Odomong’i, feels that the seat should now go to Orokiteng’ clan so that leadership can naturally balance when he becomes Kajiado governor.

But Parashina’s supporters, just like Meijo’s, cut across the two clans, which may give Metito a bit of a challenge if he will front an Orokiteng’ clan member as the next MP.

The people of the Kajiado South constituency have similar characteristics with the residents of Kajiado Central – they dislike candidates being fronted by other people.

Parpai and Katoo won their parliamentary elections despite the governments of the day, then, supporting others.

Parashina is said to have the wits, money, capacity and the will of the people to become the next MP.

Having worked closely with Narok governor, Samuel Tunai, for many years, Parashina has learned political survival skills in crowded fields. He has also mastered balancing politics and development which is vital for every leader.

Former Entonet MCA Benjamin Kool.
Former Entonet/Lenkisim MCA Benjamin Kool.

Several people who talked to us claim the name Parashina alone can be sold in the constituency while the owner of that name is away on his duties in Narok.

The battle between these two energetic young men, Parashina and Meijo, will make an interesting watch in the 2022 general election.

Kajiado politics and elections have never been this vibrant, says Patrick Panian, a local blogger in Loitokitok.


Parashina was born in Loitokitok in1985 and after his primary and secondary school education, he joined the Catholic University of East Africa and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance option) degree.

In this institution of higher learning, Parashina’s leadership was already seen and the students’ organisation of the university elected him as its publicity secretary, a position he served for two years.

He later received a Master of Science in Public Policy Analysis degree at JKUAT. Parashina is a member of the Kenya Institute of Management and a certified public accountant.

He has also served as a director at SAKWALL Investments Ltd, and an operation manager at Hillstone Ventures, and worked at Citi Bank Nairobi.


After high school, young Meijo joined the University of Nairobi and enlisted for a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance option) course at the undergraduate level.

He later returned to the same institution and studied for a Master of Administration (Supply Chain Management) course, which he completed.

An open food market in Loitokitok town.
An open food market in Loitokitok town.

Meijo is now back at the University of Nairobi, where he is a PhD Candidate (Operations Management).

He is a Certified Public Accountant CPA (K), Certified Secretary CPS (K) and Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (Section 5).



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