DP Ruto’s family linage traced to Nandi, Baringo

DP William Ruto.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Many people have for decades been left with questions on who is the father of Deputy President, William Ruto, and where he is.

Talai Clan

The answer is finally here. In a sleepy village of Torotwo in Kesetan sub-location of Sacho in Baringo central, sets the base to the larger Kapchepkendi family.


Kapchepkendi family come from the larger Talai clan, where Mzee Cherutich Kimosop, who is the father of Kenya’s famous politician hails from.

His two brothers were Cheruiyot Kimosop (firstborn), who lived in Kesetan died in 1993, and Chebet Kimosop (second born), who resided in Sigowo until his demise in 2014.

Ruto’s father, Cherutich Kimosop of Sawe age-set was the last born in his family.

According to a piece of brief information drafted by elders closely related to the old man, Mzee Cherutich was born to a Nandi man, Mzee Kipchumber in Kipsolian village of Tenges division in 1934, then after some years, they migrated to Kesetan.

He, together with Kenyan second president, Daniel Arap Moi went to Kabartonjo Mission School, where they used to be travelling on foot from home.

His village was just two kilometres away from that of Kuryengwo, where Moi was born.

Due to lack of school fees, Mzee Cherutich just went up to class four and then later dropped out.

DC’s Office

It was at this period when colonialists realized Cherutich’s intelligence that they employed him to work as secretary and tax collector at DC’s office in Koibatek, Baringo County.

It is said Cherutich served in the colonial administration while he was still single until one day when he almost drowned while crossing the flooded Perkerra River but luckily survived.

After the ordeal, that almost took away his life, he resolved to abandon his work at the DC’s office and fled to Nandi County where his father came from.

While in Nandi, he married his first wife, Sarah Cheruiyot, while doing some menial jobs in an Indian company.

They were blessed with children, among them, Kipchirchir Ruto, who was born in 1966 and is the current deputy president of Kenya.

Mzee Cherutich is said to have travelled back to his home district in Baringo before 1970 to visit his brothers and other family members back in Kesetan, where he stayed until he married his second wife, Sote Cherutich.

They were blessed with six children – four daughters and two sons.

Mzee Cherutich ventured into small scale agriculture at his home district in Baringo where he cleared bushes for farming to feed his children.

According to Mzee Cheruiyot Chelugui, who spoke to journalists, Cherutich often used to be talking of his family in Nandi.

“He was used to expressing worries on how he lacked transport means – that he would have gone to see and even bring them to Baringo,” said Chelugui.

Chelugui said, at the time, Mzee had become too old and was unable to travel on foot anymore.

Mii lagokchuk chemii Nandi, obun ano wee bichu sawotoben werinyu, Kipchirchir“, Mzee Cherutich would often, according to Chelugui.

In a loose translation; (There are my other children in Nandi, where can I get transport to go and see them, even Kipchirchir my son).

Chelugui’s information was backed by those of other elders that included old men and women among them, Sote Eveline Kiprono.

Others were; Kiptim Cherutich, Christine Kangor, Kipkorir Komen, Cheruiyot Chelugui, William Cheruiyot arap Chemitei, Samson Kiprotich Chirchir and William Cheruiyot.


The trend continued year in, year out, and as Mzee Cherutich continued to age, he fell sick and later died in 2009, without accomplishing his wish of uniting his Nandi and Baringo families.

He was buried at his homestead in Torotwo village, Kesetan sub-location, where his grave rests up to today.

On many occasions, DP Ruto himself has been heard claiming some leaders tend to underrate him because nobody knows who his father is.

According to locals, it is believed, DP Ruto has had some little knowledge concerning his father’s roots and that he once attended a fundraiser at Sacho while he was the minister for agriculture.

After the fundraiser, it is claimed inquired about a family called Kapchepkendi, which he had heard that his father comes from.

According to those who heard the DP make inquiries, Ruto was demoralised when some people told him the place he was asking was “very far and inaccessible”.


That area, according to those who talked to us, remains unknown to DP Ruto up to today.

When the media visited the little known family, Mama Sote Cherutich openly confessed that she is the co-wife to Sarah Cheruiyot, who is mother to DP Ruto as she was told by Mzee Cherutich (her husband).

“I am the second wife of Mzee Cherutich, his first wife is in Nandi but we don’t know each other since we have never met”, Said Sote.

Elders and family members said they have never tried to find DP Ruto to tell their story. 

“We don’t have any bad feelings with William Ruto and the other family in Nandi, we would just wish to meet together and know each other so we can unite since we are one,” they said. 

They believe that, when Ruto will hear about the message, he will find his way to pay a visit.


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