Dethroning Kimiti in the 2022-Ward race is an uphill task – Analysts

Henry Kimiti and Geoffrey Lemako, the great handshake.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Ward politics in Kenyewa/Poka is getting to unpreceded levels as the ground is fast shifting to one side of the political divide.

All these are happening, and yet the nearest general election could be coming in August 2022.

As it is in every election period, Kajiado East politics is highly charged; it is the same in Imaroro and Kaputiei north wards.

Election campaigns, in most cases, begin every after general elections.

Most election losers in Kajiado East normally do not accept results as they will always either blame the system, the deep state or the person who placed the proverbial tortoise on the seat.

In Kenyewa/Poka 2017 general election, Bernard Moloma lost to Henry Kimiti and immediately accepted defeat but said he will not relent in pushing for development for his people.

Seasoned politician, Tarayia ole Kores, once said: “I blame someone who placed the tortoise on the tree (seat of power), and I will go for that person in the next election.”

Kores was bold. He was bitter with the system and the so-called deep state.

ODM MP Babu Owino and Kenyewa-Poka 2022 MCA candidate Bernard Moloma at Ilmukutani Ilkibulu manyatta ceremony on October 28.
ODM MP Babu Owino and Kenyewa-Poka 2022 MCA candidate Bernard Moloma at Ilmukutani Ilkibulu manyatta ceremony on October 28.

He was not happy that Governor Joseph ole Lenku beat him in the last general election.

Lenku, according to Kores, was the tortoise in this case, and Deputy President in the same matter allegedly worked for the system. Anyway, those are the words of Kores.

Fast rewind to Kenyewa/Poka ward politics. Moloma and Kimiti (sitting MCA) are both set for a mother of all battles in the next general elections.

If what we saw in October during the blessings of the Ilkibulu age-set members in Ilmukutani village is anything to go by in Poka politics, then the road to next general election for the two candidates is not that rosy.

Kimiti (the elephant) said he is doing pretty well and he negotiates the blind bends and corners of the Kenyewa/Poka 2022 political road with comfort.

Kimiti arrived at Ilmukutani village for the Ilkibulu age-set ceremony with numbers just like Moloma on the previous day.

We cannot quantify the numbers here because it is only the candidates know how deep their pockets are.

“We are doing well, we are very strategic and no chest-thumping. We are working with Geoffrey Lemako because we must come up with one candidate who could be either him or me to face Moloma in 2022,” said Kimiti.

He added that the future is “very bright” for the Kimiti/Lemako axis team. Lemako, popularly known as Koonyo, is Kajiado East National CDF chairman and a close ally of MP Peris Tobiko.

MCA Henry Kimiti.
MCA Henry Kimiti.

Lemako commands a large number of followers too, and Kimiti is 100 per cent dependent on him to add up numbers on the ground.

Kimiti believes that whoever of the two is capable of beating Moloma hands down in a political duel, he understands so well.

He is one of the longest-serving ward rep in the current assembly. As the chairman of the budget, he is one of the most respected MCAs in Kajiado.

But the Moloma side will not hear anything of such.

They want Kimiti to go home because they believe he reneged on his political promises to the people of Kenyewa/Poka.

Moloma’s spokesman, Samuel Morosua, is of a different opinion, and thus says; “That handshake between Lemako and Kimiti is as dead as dodo. It will not yield any fruits. Lemako will only be escorting Kimiti to retirement.”

Morosua, who doubles up as Moloma’s campaign manager, says Kimiti is currently placed between a hard surface and a rock and is desperately trying to sew a rag-tag movement against the ODM candidate.

“This is not a new handshake between Lemako and Kimiti. One is cheating the other, and everybody knows that. The ground is shifting and what is left is for the two to either surrender or do the very honourable thing to hand over leadership to Moloma in 2022,” said Morosua.

But Kimiti’s diehard supporter, Kipolonka Lemaama, believes that the 2017 final Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Kenyewa/Poka MCA tally sheet results proved to Moloma that Kajiado East CDF Chairman Lemako, is a force to reckon.

“The results of that time can’t be underrated or ignored, out of Lemako’s robust impact in that general election,” said Lemaama.

Lemaama claims that after Lemako researched, made his findings and conclusions he found that Moloma’s bid that year was not out of goodwill.

“Moloma, who is an innocent child of Kenyewa/Poka Ward, got such erroneous and evil ideas from certain political dwarfs who are after revenge,” claimed Lemaama.

He said as the race for 2022 KP ward started to shape up, Lemako, being an experienced politician and technocrat, he decided to join hands with Kimiti.

But what is causing hullabaloo on the #TeamMoloma side, why is Kimiti/Lemako-axis causing tension in the Moloma side?

Others who spoke to KNU on confidentiality believe that the Lemako/Kimiti handshake is a reality that the other side do not want to hear.

They claimed Lemako’s dream is valid, no matter the time it will take to materialise.

Kimiti, as I said earlier, is a respected politician who does not jump to issues before taking a decision.

This is the bitter part of it as team Moloma make attempts to throw epitaph on Kimiti.

Moloma might assume that Kimiti is acting the proverbial tortoise, but he will be in for a rude shock at the count of the last vote.

Politicians should seek votes by not heckling others but by talking to the voters. Tell them what you are capable of doing to them, and not why you want to defeat your opponent based on trivial and unjustified issues.






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