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Metito’s ally, Sankale, to vie for Kajiado South parliamentary seat

Joseph Sankale.
Joseph Sankale.

Following confirmation MP Katoo ole Metito is exiting parliamentary politics, several politicians are gearing up to battle for the seat in 2022.

Among them is Joseph Sankale, a close ally of Governor Joseph ole Lenku and Metito, who indicated on Tuesday, October 13 that he is the man to watch in 2022.

“I have the wits and the strength to face others in this race, and I am telling the weak ones to stand by the sides because this is a tsunami,” said Sankale, when he talked from Narok.

The youthful leader says he has done all the necessary groundwork and what is left is to launch his campaign manifesto before he hits the road running.

Sankale, a former assistant county commissioner, is in the Hustler Movement with Metito and would be supporting him in his governor race.

“I am supporting Metito in the Hustler Movement for the governor position in the coming general election,” said Sankale.

The politician says Metito did excellent work in terms of development and united the people of Kajiado South in his 18 years at the helm.

“I will continue from where Metito will end his 20-year term. I will build classrooms, administration blocks, address security issues and provide jobs for the youth”, said Sankale.

He said that if elected, he will address the issue of school bursaries, women and youth empowerment soberly, adding that he will also hold together the people of Kajiado through preaching peace.

The youthful politician is currently working with a government parastatal; Ewuaso Ng’iro South Region Development Authority in Narok county.

“My slogan is development and unity for all. This is based on the development projects that I have personally indulged in such as the construction of several classrooms in various schools” – Joseph Sankale.

Residents of Osoit area in the constituency remember him for the construction of two classrooms and two houses for teachers at Osoit Primary School.

He thinks he is the best candidate for the seat is his work experience while he worked with the government and non-governmental organisations around his home area for close to 19 years.

Sankale schooled in the early years of his youth at Namelok Primary School before proceeding to Kimana Secondary School for his high school education.

After his high school, he enrolled at Daystar University College and later did his Master’s degree at Mount Kenya University.

He previously worked at Amboseli Trust for Elephant, Olgulului/ Ololarashi Group Ranch and later with non-governmental organisations that supported the empowerment of women in Kajiado South sub-county.

Some of the organisations he worked with include Beads for Education Organisation, Coins for Change Project, A voice is Heard, and White Mountain project. 

During his tenure, more than 1000 girls and 20 boys in the county received full education scholarships from primary to university.

He has also played a role in relief food during the 2009 drought and this year’s COVID-19 pandemic in Loitokitok areas.

Sankale oversaw the provision of 1000 goats to people who were negatively affected by the 2019 drought in Kajiado South.

Besides, Sankale has also assisted in the drilling of 8 boreholes, and rehabilitation of several boreholes in the South Sub-County.

Before joining the university, Sankale worked in the Office of the President – Internal Security and Provincial Administration- as an Assistant Chief for Enkongu-Narok location.

He was later promoted to Assistant County Commissioner and served in various parts of the country.



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