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Metito made Lenku what he is – Joshua Kilitia

Katoo ole Metito.
Katoo ole Metito.

UNITY: True unity of our people is required, and not dividing them based on clans, age sets, sections and tribes

Leadership pegged on clanism is the root cause of reversed wheels of development in Kajiado, MP Katoo ole Metito claimed on Tuesday.

Metito, who on Monday confirmed he will be vying for governor seat, said clanism has divided Kajiado Maasai more than before as the county is now employing relatives of those elected to office.

“True unity of our people is required, and not dividing them based on clans, age sets, sections and tribes. Kajiado should reject those leaders perpetuating sectionalism,” said Metito.

He said he has a calling to change what he calls blatant theft of people’s resources by those holding the highest office in Kajiado.

“I want to take that position if elected in the next general election because the people of Kajiado need real development and good use of public resources and not theft of people’s resources by office bearers to enrich themselves,” said Metito.

Metito, who said he was calling from his home, confirmed on Monday he will be gunning for the county’s top seat in 2022 on a Hustler Movement ticket.

Metito’s announcement, made on October 12, is causing ripples in Lenku’s camp.

“I am today declaring that whatever people have been hearing as rumours regarding my political stand in 2022 is now confirmed as the truth,” Metito said.

The Kajiado South MP had said last Tuesday: “It is too early to talk about my political stand in 2022. We are first focused on the Hustler Movement for the time being. The rest will be decided after the Building Bridges Initiative debate is over.”

‘Let it be known’

Metito, in his brief statement, said: “Let it be known that Metito will be on the ballot in 2022 and the Hustler Movement is unstoppable. Let it also be known that I have the support of 22 sitting and nominated MCAs in the County Assembly, who are our foot soldiers.”

Standing with Metito on the Hustler Movement in Kajiado are MPs George Sunkuyia (West), Joseph Manje (North), Janet Teyiaa (Women’s Representative), and Senators Philip Mpaayei and Mary Seneta (Nominated).

In September, Deputy President William Ruto hosted a big delegation from Kajiado at his Karen home in Nairobi.

After hosting them, Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko went ballistic against Ruto as he argued that the number two in the country had no respect for President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is against early campaigns.

Tobiko claimed DP Ruto was setting the county into early political campaigns against the wishes of the president, but his utterances were met with an equal fire from DP Ruto’s lieutenants led by Elgeyo Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

Tobiko, while in Narok around the same period, called Ruto a “mere clerk of the president”. Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen then hit back at the CS and asked him to first seek a position of an MCA.

But why has Metito’s announcement to oppose Lenku caused a lot of anxiety in Kajiado?

Kajiado, like it or not, is the home turf of two major clans that call the shots in the county’s politics.

Metito, from the elite Odomong’i clan, will be standing against a sitting Orokiteng’ clan governor.

Metito’s right-hand man Joshua Kilitia, while presiding over a fundraiser in Isinet to help a former university student clear college fees, made an unprecedented attack on Lenku: “It is better to assist an emaciated cow to stand on its knees than helping a human being.”

In a trending video clip, Kilitia in the clip claims Metito made Lenku be what he is today. 

“Metito took Lenku to Tanathi Board and gave him a job. Later, he took him to President Uhuru Kenyatta, and Lenku was made Interior CS. Finally, Metito and Kenyatta supported him to be governor.”

While reacting on claims Metito made him what he is today, Lenku said he rarely responds to “baseless claims” but it should be on record that the people of Kajiado made him governor and not an individual.

“The people of Kajiado believe in me, and this is the reason they elected me overwhelmingly in 2017. My development record speaks volumes,” said Lenku.

Governor Lenku told those others wishing to oppose in 2022 to come out with their election blueprints instead of using his name in seeking sympathy votes,

He said he was not elected by one tribe in the metropolitan Kajiado, but all the tribes living in Kajiado.



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