Memusi under siege as Bishop Meeli accepts calling ahead of 2022

Bishop Moses Meeli.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Church, community, civic and provincial administration officials are among many people fronting the election of Bishop Dr Moses Meeli.

Meeli, who was recently awarded an honorary degree by the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, has not personally indicated an interest in unseating MP Kanchory Memusi.

Leading the front-liners, who are calling for a change in Kajiado Central Constituency leadership, is Bishop Philip Tima and others with more than 33 congregations across the region.

Others who have put their weight in support of Bishop Meeli are; Paul Suyianka, Chief John Nkailile, James Larmo, and others, who sought not to be named.

The Most Rev. Bishop Dr. Moses Meeli says the calling by the people is God's voice.
The Most Rev. Bishop Dr Moses Meeli says the calling by the people is God’s voice.

Suyianka told KNU Kajiado Central Constituency requires new leadership in one who will unite the people and bring them development to the grassroots.

“This is the kind of a leader who has the interest of the people at heart. He has brought a lot of development in Kajiado Central, and especially in Meto,” said Suyianka.

He went on: “If he could sink boreholes for the community, bring us a big hospital through his foreign friends and also establish many churches, what will he not do if elected as MP.”

Larmo said Bishop Meeli commands the support of about 17 parishes under the umbrella of the Episcopal Church of East Africa and is respected because of the development he has brought to the people.

“He is kind-hearted and socialise more with the people he leads as head of the church in Kenya and Tanzania. It is time we call for change for the better,” said Larmo.

Larmo added that Bishop Meeli is a charismatic leader, who cannot be compared with those who have been there as elected leaders.

With church membership of more than 16,000 followers in Meto alone, Meeli is most likely will the only opponent who will give Memusi a run for his money.

Those supporting Meeli say his integrity, charisma, and his social network are the driving issues that might find Memusi in early retirement in politics.

Memusi was elected area MP after the late MP, and later Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Nkaissery, was taken in by Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government.

Kajiado Central Constituency has been a rife political ground for Orange Democratic Movement, and the electorate in the region will be following that 2022 general election with great interest.

Although those supporting Bishop Meeli have not indicated under which ticket he will be seeking the election, a wave of change is in the offing in Kajiado Central.

Memusi, who has been taking on Governor Joseph Lenku on integrity issues, may find himself on the wrong side of politics if the system will back the sitting governor.

Lenku has increasingly become acceptable in large swathes of the constituency, and if he (Lenku) will rally behind Meeli, there is a likelihood that Memusi will be put in a tight corner.

It is also claimed that Memusi could have fallen out with ODM leader, Raila Odinga, over unknown differences. 

Those close to him in parliament claim he was not considered for any House committee position because of “bad blood” with the party boss.

Meeli, who has been working closely with Integrity World-Wide as its executive director, has gained popularity from the residents of Kajiado Central because of his charismatic way of handling issues without favouring any side.

As a senior official in the county government, Meeli has played major roles in handling many land disputes that dot Kajiado East and Kajiado West sub-counties.

Meeli is currently the Kajiado West Sub-County Administrator, a position that is equivalent to the of the deputy county commissioner.

When we sought his comment on the position his electorate want him to take on July 25, Dr. Meeli simply said: “If the people want me to be their next Kajiado Central Constituency MP, let it be it. When people speak, God has spoken.”

“It is true I am close to my people. It is also true I have sunk millions of shillings in water projects and hospitals. Church leadership is a calling from God, and if He also wants to be the next MP, who am I to say no?” asked Meeli.

He said credit to what he has done for the people of Meto should be credited to his foreign friends who have held his hands in the support of people in Kajiado Central.

A modern health centre established at a cost of Sh10 million in Meto stands tall among what Meeli has done for his people.

While answering a question posed by KNU, Meeli said if elected said he will establish one of the biggest slaughterhouses ever seen in the county in Meto.

“I will also put up a tannery, a dairy plant, and many jua kali shades across the constituency in a bid to create jobs for our unemployed youth,” said Meeli.

If elected MP, he said he will buy equipment for the grading of roads in the constituency.

“My people are complaining about the state of our roads in the constituency, and I will use that opportunity as an elected leader to ends the age-long problem of roads that are cut off every time there is rain,” added Meeli.

The county administrator personally sponsors more than 200 students in secondary schools and some 10 students in public universities across the country every year.




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