Ilmeirishi, Irkiponi age-group stirs up Lenku’s numbers ahead of 2022

Irkiponi and fellow Ilmeirishi age group members met with Governor Joseph ole Lenku at Esilanke village in Kajiado West last Friday.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.


Indomitable ‘warriors’ of the Ilmeirishi and Irkiponi age-group have declared their unwavering support for Governor Joseph ole Lenku’s governance now, and beyond 2022.

The Irkiponi comes from the ridges of the Ilkisonko in Kajiado South, while their age mates, the Ilmeirishi spread across Ilkankere, Ilmatapato, and Iloodokilani through to plains and valleys of Ilkeek-Onyokie in Kajiado West.

They represent all the men who fall between the bracket of 32 years and 42 years in the county, and are under 103 traditional age-set chiefs, according to tribal Chief Oloma Parmetui alias Keseiye.

Traditional Age-Group Chiefs

The traditional chiefs, who are most trusted leaders of this age-set, undergo a rigorous process of integrity before they are picked to lead their “armies”.

Traditional chief Oloma ole Parmetui.
Traditional age-group chief Oloma ole Parmetui.

Those who understand the armed forces’ ranking designations will appreciate that traditional age-set chiefs are the overall commanders of their armies (age-sets).

In times of war, God forbid, traditional chiefs from the various age sets lead their troops to battlefields. Their word is the law.

But what makes this group of an age-set tick above the rest?

Under this age-set, according to Parmetui, there are 700 chiefs and their assistants serving in the provincial administration in Kajiado alone.

That aside, about 90 per cent of them went through the various levels of education in the country. Quite a number of them serve at the national and county government.

Some of them serve in various non-governmental organisations in and outside the country.

To say the least, some of them are senior officers in governor Lenku’s government.

There is also a big slice of them who are successful businessmen in real estate ventures, livestock trade, and farming.

Esilanke Declaration

During our interview with Parmetui, after his team met with governor Lenku at a function held at Esilanke village, he said the support they are giving Lenku came out of a realisation that the governor has worked closely with them.

“This is the only leader who went back to the electorate on his election in 2017. In fact, unlike others, he is the same Lenku we knew back in the village before he was elected,” said Chief Parmetui.

The chief of the age-set said while he does not belong to Lenku’s chore family, he enjoys the “goods” that come with the leadership of the governor.

If the county roads, water wells, boreholes have been made and our children easily access education and bursaries, what do more do we want?” asked chief Parmetui.

Parmetui, who also chairs Kajiado South Sub-County Peace and Reconciliation Committee, told Lenku not to tire in uniting Kajiado.

He cited two land issues in Keek-Onyokie and Njukini where the governor has resolved and united the people.

“In Keek-Onyokie, he returned land documents that had fallen into wrong hands. He negotiated and restored the matter in less than one year. Others who have been in leadership for many years had failed,” claimed Parmetui.

Traditional chief Oloma ole Parmetui.
Traditional age-group chief Oloma ole Parmetui.

Parmetui also said a section (2000 acres) of Rombo Group Ranch in Kajiado South sub-county that had also been allegedly grabbed by known people from Taita Taveta County has been returned by Lenku after two decades of grandstanding between two communities.

Lenku Has Our Hand – Parmetui

“We as the Ilmeirishi and the Irkiponi have today told Ole Lenku he has our hand in his remaining political journey, to recapture his seat in 2022,” Parmetui said finally.

The function was held at the home of John ole Kaaka, who is also a member of the Ilmeirishi age-group united about 400 hundred members.

Kaaka, a shrewd political operative, is also one of Lenku’s key political strategists in Kajiado West sub-county.

This age-set is said to form the most vibrant political elite team in the county.

They ole Lenku they will do all within their power to retain him as county’s governor in 2022.

Among the age-set members in the senior county government positions are Senator Philip Mpaayei, Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho, and CEC Members Alais Kisota (Finance and Economic Planning), Hamilton Parseina (Lands and Urban Development) and Alex Kilowua (Roads and Public Works).

Chief Officers in the County Government who are Ilmeirishi age group members are Sankaire Tima (Finance), Douglas Konana, (Lands), Leaky Ritei (Livestock), Samson Parashina (Education), County Assembly Clerk Leboo Saisa is also among them, just to mention a few.

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