Kajiado MCA may face a lawsuit over late brother’s land property

MCA Joshua Olowuasa.
MCA Joshua Olowuasa.
The lawsuit process, they claimed, is being handled by their lawyers after the MCA allegedly reneged on his promises to hand their father’s land to them. 

Two nieces and a nephew of a Kajiado MCA have threatened court action against him to seek recovery of their late father’s property.

The lawsuit process, they claimed, is being handled by their lawyers after the MCA allegedly reneged on his promises to hand their father’s land to them.

Simeon Lesiret and his two sisters; Emily Nasoita and Lorna Lasoi claimed on Thursday, July 2, their uncle and Kaputiei North Ward MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, sold part of their father’s land parcel without indulging them on the matter.

Lesirat told the Star Olowuasa moved to their late grandmother’s house in 2007 following her death, and took them to his house.

Grandmother Died 2007

“After our grandmother who is his mother died in 2007 he came and took us to his house along with her metal box that contained her land documents,” said Lesirat.

He said their grandmother, Nasoita Kashinka, took them in after their mother, Elizabeth Samperu died in 1999, three years after their father David Nkuya had died.

Simon Lesirat.
Simeon Lesirat is MCA Joshua Olowuasa’s nephew.

Lesiret claimed Olowuasa changed his grandmother’s land titles into his at Kajiado Land Registry and started selling part of the land parcels in Isinya town.

When we sought Olowuasa’s comment over the matter, he denied any wrongdoing adding that he took over his brother’s kids when the last child was 3 years old.

“I have educated them, one of them to the university level. The land they are talking about is intact, and we shall sit down as a family to see how we shall divide it to them,” said Olowuasa.

Threat Denial

The MCA denied having threatened Lesiret after he demanded to be given back his father’s land and property one month ago.

Records at the Isinya police station indicate Lesiret was allegedly threatened by his uncle and MCA. He allegedly warned his nephew that if he continues pestering him, he will run over him in his car.

Olowuasa, however, has since denied the allegations. Police in Isinya said Olowuasa requested he would resolve his differences with Lesiret at home.

Olowuasa’s elder brother, James Musana, on Thursday, confirmed his commitment to resolving the land issue.

He showed reporters some of the land documents he said were part of the ones being demanded by their late brother’s children.

Lesiret’s father, David Nkuya, elder brother Musana, Olowuasa, and Thomas Kalenko were each given 50 acres of land by their late father, Musana Olowuasa.

Lesirat and his two sisters said they have engaged a lawyer to press for their rights in the corridors of justice after meeting with MCA Olowuasa seven times over the dispute.

“Every time he called us, he talked of giving back our land. We have realised that he has been taking us around all that time with offering us anything tangible,” said Lesirat.

Nasoita, who has since been married in Kisumu, said on the phone she is supporting her brother and sister in their quest for the property.

“Our late father is their second-born son in the family of Mzee Olowuasa, and therefore his children have right to property,” Nasoita said over the telephone.

Nawuasa Building

She claimed the MCA had also taken over Nawuasa Building in Isinya that had been built for them by their grandmother.

Musana, at a family meeting attended by Olowuasa, a former chief and assistant chief Laban Kiyianka in the presence of Sasoita’s sister Lasoi, said justice will prevail for the three children.

The MCA said he blames his political opponents for creating a wedge between his brother’s children and him.

“I am telling them to wait until 2022 when Kaputiei North Ward seat will be declared vacant. I am ready to face them. I love my children and nobody will stand between me and him,” said Olowuasa.




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