Is Parseina choice of the youth in Kajiado East MP’s 2022 race?

Politician David Parseina looks at Kajiado East MP seat in 2022.
Politician David Parseina looks at Kajiado East MP seat in 2022.
When asked why he came third in 2017 and yet he believes to have the support of the youth, Parseina blamed political naivety.

David Parseina, 37, of Wiper Party, is the second MP aspirant this week to declare his interest for the Kajiado East constituency seat in 2022.

Having attempted in 2017 for the same seat and came in third after the current MP Peris Tobiko of Jubilee Party and Kakuta Memusi of ODM, Parseina says he is more than determined unlike before.


The youthful politician is a Mathematics (Statistics bias) graduate of the University of Nairobi says it is time the youth takes over leadership for purposes of assimilating those of their own in the management of the constituency affairs.

Parseina says he has had a burning passion since his tender age to serve humanity.

His leadership acumen, perhaps, was first noticed at Olkejuado Secondary school where he held a position of a Class Prefect and dormitory captain.

At the University of Nairobi while solving complex mathematical problems he also served as chairman of Maa students Association.

After graduating, he was an early strategist and thinker behind the Jubilee alliance playing a role in the Kajiado politics that saw massive support for the party.

Wiper Democratic Movement

He would later join the Wiper Democratic Movement after Jubilee was hobbled by political backstabbing and intrigues.

Parseina’s vision for Kajiado East, he says, is that of a hub of massive development where resources are harnessed to give all residents a good quality of life.

He seeks to draw on his strong corporate links to tap private-sector money and expertise to supplement government efforts.

David Parseina.
David Parseina

The MP aspirant says he will also seek to utilise the over Sh150 million annual National Constituency Development Fund allocation to tangibly improve the lives of the citizenry through a more accountable and people-centric development agenda.

“There are so many issues affecting the youth that have not been made clear by former MPs. The youth form the largest population of the constituents and yet they are not considered in tenders, they have a right to reap from the national resources coming to the constituency,” said Parseina.

Tertiary Institutions and Universities

Parseina said in order to provide a smooth transition of students to tertiary institutions and universities, he will increase day and boarding secondary schools.

“This will also control the number of students who are crossing over to Makueni and Machakos to seek secondary education,” added Parseina.

When asked why he came third in 2017 and yet he believes to have the support of the youth, Parseina blamed political naivety.

“I had not learned the ropes at the time. This time around, those who will be in this race for Kajiado East parliamentary race should know we have reached there. I have a formidable campaign team,” said Parseina.

Parseina, who has always likened his wits in mathematics to those of the late Prof George Saitoti, says he is the man behind the hike in numbers of opposition MCAs at the county assembly.

“In the last assembly, we had only 3 opposition MCAs but before the last general election, I single-handedly ensured Kajiado East had five opposition ward reps,” said Parseina.

Before the last general election, Kitengela, Mosiro, and Magadi wards had ODM MCAs.

Opposition Seats in County Assembly

In the last election, Kitengela, Oloosirkon/Sholinke, Imaroro, Mosiro, Kenyewa/Poka, Ildamat, Kaputiei North, Matapato North and Entonet/Lenkisim went to the opposition.

Parseina said if elected, the people of Kajiado East will manage their constituency bursaries without limits.

“What I mean is, only those deserving poor pupils and students will get the support from the constituency office without any bias. Kajiado East is a metropolitan constituency, and all the people need balanced services,” said the aspirant.

He said roads in the constituency are in “shameful state” and once elected, he will ensure that every road in the constituency is made into all-season routes.

“Once done with this issue of roads, I will start revamping schools. We need to fix some of the schools that are in a deplorable state. I want to ensure that all the schools in the constituency have serviceable/functional libraries,” he said.

Parseina is currently a consultant on Market Intelligence, Operations Research, and Corporate Branding.

He doubles up as a serial entrepreneur in the larger Kajiado County.


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