KMQ clashes over sand mines leaves one man injured in Kajiado

Marble quarry in KMQ area of Kajiado West
Marble quarry in KMQ area of Kajiado West
The Iloodokilani community claims the sand is theirs and therefore owners of trucks from Ildamat should hire their people.

One sand loader from Iloodokilani was seriously wounded after two groups clashed for several hours in Kajiado’s Kenya Marble Quarries area on Sunday night.

Tension remains high on the boundary of Ildamat and Iloodokilani in Kajiado following skirmishes pitting sand harvesters that have left one person injured.

Eyewitnesses said the clashes occurred on Sunday night when sand loaders from Iloodokilani were denied to load a truck from Kajiado.

The Kajiado truck had carried loaders, a move that angered those from Iloodokilani as they argued the sand is from their community.

“There has been tension for a while as trucks from Ildamat come here with loaders to take our sand. We have been monitoring them do so, and on Sunday we stood our ground and demanded a share of the cake,” said a loader from Iloodokilani who asked for anonymity.

The Iloodokilani community claims the sand is theirs and therefore owners of trucks from Ildamat should hire their people.

A clash erupted on Sunday and one, Ole Katitia, a sand loader was injured and is admitted to a Kajiado hospital.

Kajiado Central Police Commander, Daudi Lornyokwe confirmed the incident and termed it “unfortunate”.

“It is true, that is happening at KMQ and we have told them to resolve their differences. They have been working together peacefully, and therefore, they know how to end that standoff,” said Lornyokwe on the telephone.

The police boss said his officers have placed a police roadblock at the Namanga/KMQ junction to stop trucks turning off to Maili 46 Road.

“We are doing this to avoid wanton destruction of trucks going to the direction of Maili 46 by the irate youth fighting over the sand. Last night, one sand truck was extensively damaged by those in the standoff,” said the police boss.

He said his officers are monitoring the situation on the ground in a bid to stop any activities that may disrupt peace.
Sand dealers from Ildamat have now blocked all trucks headed to sand mines along the seasonal rivers in KMQ.

Kajiado Central Deputy County Commissioner, Charles Wambugu earlier told KNU that the matter had been resolved. When KNU visited the area, Tension was still high on the ground.

Ildamat MCA Samuel Teum said he was in Nairobi but his agents on the ground are “negotiating peace among the warring groups”.

Following the clashes, transportation of marble stones from KMQ to Nairobi has ceased after the youth from Ildamat closed all the roads to and out of the mines.

KNU photographer, Peter Lebo, was warned against taking any photos by some youth who had put a roadblock on the Maili 46 road.



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