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Shock as sexy merrymakers leave 1000 used condoms in Ngong

The new bus park in Ngong town that was officially opened on July 3 by governor David Nkedianye.
The new bus park in Ngong town that was officially opened on July 3 by governor David Nkedianye.
Residents are worried their children may be exposed to obscenities displayed by Nairobi merrymakers at the Ngong Hill KenGen's wind farm.

Milimani residents in Ngong are in shock after collecting 1000 plus used condoms allegedly leftover by weekend merry-makers from Nairobi.

Other leftovers included empty facial masks, whiskey, and wine bottles, which the residents said have polluted the environment.

This occasioned a meeting on Monday, May 11 between the area police chief, Rashid Abdalla, Kenya Forest Department, Kenya Wildlife Service officers, and the residents after the latter raised their concern.

Representatives of the residents, who live around the northern foothills of Ngong Hills, which serves as Kenya Electricity Generating Company’s wind farm, told Abdalla more than 200 cars drive into the area every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Henry Kinuthia, who was in attendance, said residents expressed fear that their children, who tend their livestock around the picnic area may contract diseases.

“They also complained that youth from the villages around who sell sodas and sweets at the picnic may be exposed to sexual activities that seem to be the main agenda of the merrymakers,” said Kinuthia.

The residents complained of loud music played out in the middle of the night under powerful flashlights which are causing them sleepless nights.

Abdalla ordered the picnic to close at 3 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He also said police officers, game rangers and forest guards will be deployed at the picnic to ensure that merry-makers are adhering to government guidelines on the fight against COVID-19.

The area police boss ordered his officers to arrest anyone found flouting government guidelines and place them in forced quarantine.

Local elders claimed the area is also used evangelists for prayers during the week.  

Kenya Electricity Generating Company has a power station in the area, which is in Kajiado county, approximately 35 kilometres, by road, southwest of Nairobi. The coordinates of the power station are:1°22’51.9″S, 36°38’08.0″E (Latitude:-1.381071; Longitude:36.635542).

Ngong Hills Power Station was initially commissioned in 1993 with two wind turbines donated by the government of Belgium. After those two turbines were retired, the installation of new hardware led to second commissioning in August 2009, with a capacity of 5.1 MW.

Beginning in 2013, KenGen, who own and operate the wind farm and power station began adding new turbines and by 2015, when the work was completed, the power station’s generation capacity had increased to 25.5 megawatts.




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