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Kitengela Milimani rogue officers spotted ‘stealing’ from suspects

Kitengela police station.
Kitengela police station.
Residents saw Milimani police officers shamelessly frisking site construction workers and looting their day's earning without ant fear.

Residents of Milimani Estate in Kitengela town, on Sunday, claimed police officers are arresting and extorting money from those found without face masks.

The residents claimed the arrests took place on Saturday where about 30 people were arrested and charged between Sh300 and Sh1,500 before they were released.

Isinya OCPD, Kinyua Mugambi, said he is dismayed by the officers’ action and promised to take immediate action against those found to be part of the extortion cartel.


Mugambi said he received the complaint on Sunday morning and promised to act immediately.

“This is a time of tough economic times when everyone is struggling to make their ends meet. Police officers should not act as agents of evil by using this COVID-19 pandemic to make extra money through extortion,” said Mugambi.

A resident of Milimani Estate, Jairus Nzomo, who also talked to Mugambi said most of those arrested on Saturday 5 pm swoop were several hair salon workers, shop owners, and workers from a nearby construction site.

“What we saw is shameful because the officers were literally ransacking pockets of those they arrested to look for money. Those who had as little as Sh300 in their pockets was taken away by the officers,” said Nzomo, a local businessman in Kitengela.

He said some of those arrested and did not have money in their pockets were released at night of Saturday after their relatives went for their rescue with money.


The businessman claimed none of those arrested was receipted and appealed to the area OCPD to carry out an investigation against his officers, who have become enemies of the people instead of cooperating with wananchi when the country is faced with Coronavirus pandemic.

Some of those arrested from a local construction site gave out all the day’s earning to the police. 

Most of them earn Sh300 per day. This means they slept hungry on Saturday after giving all the money to the police, said Nzomo.

The police post is under Kitengela OCS, Jennifer Mutuku alias Bensouda, who is working with old rogue officers who require to be moved out of Kitengela.




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