Darkness in Eitii as thugs vandalises KPLC transformer in Kajiado

A power transformer similar to the one vandalised in Eitii village near Kajiado town.
A power transformer similar to the one vandalised in Eitii village near Kajiado town.
Residents of Eitii have waited for more than 33 days for the transformer to be fixed.

Residents living around Eitii Primary School near Kajiado town are living in darkness after a transformer serving them was vandalised 33 days ago.

The transformer, according to the residents, serves about 100 homesteads in the area, and efforts to reach out to KP&LC for assistance in Kajiado has never materialised.

Rosemary Kaguara and Paul Kipish claimed their grandchildren and children, respectfully, cannot access e-learning studies currently carried out by schools because of the power blackout.

“We have unsuccessfully attempted to inform them about our problem but they have done nothing so far. We are even worried about our security,” said Kaguara.

Eitii area is about three and a half kilometres to Kajiado town on the newly tarmacked Mashuuru road. 


KPLC Responds

KP&LC Kajiado Branch Manager, Haron Wambugu said he is aware of the problem and the delay to fix it has been caused by failure for the company to get a suitable and secure place to fix a new transformer.

“That has been our challenge. We do not want to just replace it without considering its security in the face of increased vandalism. I am getting feedback from our security team on Thursday (tomorrow) so that I can act on the matter” said Wambugu.

Wambugu said another option he might take after Thursday is to have a new transformer placed on top of the power line. “This can also prevent thugs from vandalizing it,” added Wambugu. 

He said another transformer that served the home of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Chief Administrative Secretary, Linah Chebii Kilimo, in Isinya has been replaced within her compound because of security reasons.

“We are now in talks with security personnel, among them chiefs and Nyumba Kumi Ambassadors in working out security details for our transformers,” added Wambugu.




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