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All is well, work on track, says Oloosidan road committee

An oversight road committee in Oloosidan Sub-Location has distanced itself from social media reports around the Kirotie Road project and alleged delay in starting it.

In a statement to our newsroom the members led by its chairman, Clinton Kirotie, claimed the report published on social media was malicious, unbalanced and aimed at demeaning the committee, the area MCA and the people of Oloosidan.

Kirotie claimed his committee was properly constituted by the area MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, after a public participation meeting before the 2019/2020 financial year.

Oloosidan Community

“As members of the local community, we fought for this project is taking up the issues to a public participation meeting in Isinya. Our proposal for the construction of the Kirotie Road was approved by the assembly as anticipated,” said Kirotie.

He named other members appointed by the MCA as follows; Stanley Kilusu, Reynold Katela, Benson Rakoi, Meja Kilusu, Simon Karani and Joseph Mwaniki.

The chairman claimed he is aware of three women behind the alleged ‘malicious’ story, adding that one of them is an ECDE teacher in Isinya.

The Saga

“This whole saga started sometime back when the three women calling themselves activists went to the contractor and demanded some handouts, and when they were kicked out, they went around the villages telling people how the project had been corrupted by the MCA,” claimed Kirotie.

He said the project was allocated Sh4 million and not Sh4.5 million as claimed by the group, and that the contractor is now set to start the 4 km road after the rains have subsided.

Olowuasa told KNU the road belong to the people of Oloosidan, and that he transparently appointed the committee.

“All the members of the oversight committee are residents of Oloosidan sub-location. It is their road. Those making noises out there are people paid by enemies of development to yap at anything. They will always have what to complain about,” claimed Olowuasa.

The MCA said the machinery and the contractor assured him the work will take off immediately the rain subsides.

“I will soon name those behind this propaganda. We know the three women who are not giving residents time to rest. One of them is a teacher paid by the county government to teach, and she is now biting the hand that is feeding her,” claimed the MCA.

He said the contractor received the award and has been shown the site already. 

Shoddy Work

Olowuasa said the road had been earlier worked on by his predecessor, David Nkirrimpai, but that the work was “done shoddily”.

“They are claiming the people in the committee are my relatives, and which is a lie. We have Mwaniki and Karani in the team. The two are members of a different tribe but resident in Oloosidan, which is a clear indication the committee is well represented.

Those claiming the committee of the road is not acknowledged are ill-advised.




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