Senator Seneta urges leaders’ support in ending COVID-19

Kajiado county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha and nominated senator Mary Seneta in Kajiado.
Kajiado county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha and nominated senator Mary Seneta in Kajiado.

Nominated senator Mary Seneta has urged Kajiado leaders to support the government’s effort in ending Coronavirus spread by educating people to follow provided health guidelines.

Seneta, who spoke yesterday after meeting with county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha, said the power to fight Coronavirus is with the people, and their strictness in adhering to health guidelines will save the country.


Necessary trips

“Travel from point A to B if it is very necessary, wash your hands and sanitise your spaces at all times and listen to what the government is telling you on how we can put this strain to rest,” said Seneta.

The Senator met Nkanatha after touring several areas in the county to familirise herself on what strategies the government has put in place to handle the spread of COVID-19 in rural and urban areas of Kajiado.

She said there is a need for the government to help the people in rural areas to get sanitisers, food aid, and medicine.

“It is also important that our nurses in health centres around the county should be provided with proper gear for use in the line of duty. This Coronavirus strain has no boundaries and if our medical staff in the rural areas are ill-prepared, then it will be the end of us,” said the senator.



Nkanatha assured her that all the precaution including controlling travel as per President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decree has been taken seriously.

“We have managed all our roads well, the public service vehicles’ sector has also been streamlined as per the government requirements. We have also maintained law and order during curfew time,” said Nkanatha.

Nkanatha said; “We deliberated on the progress of fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, supporting our people during this painful time and security matters.”

He pledged to work with all the leaders and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to maintaining order during the period. 

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