Uganda now confirms first coronavirus case

Uganda's Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng.

The Daily Monitor says the country’s Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng announced the first case of Coronavirus on Saturday night.

“The confirmed case is a 36-year-old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai at 2:00 am today, Saturday 21 March 2020 aboard Ethiopian airlines. He presented with symptoms of high fever and poor appetite,” the Ministry of Health said on Twitter.

“During the screening process at the airport, his temperature was 38.7. This prompted the health teams to isolate him at the airport for further follow-up. Subsequent temperatures taken at intervals of 30 minutes and one hour remained the same,” the ministry added.

KNU has learnt the patient is currently in isolation at Entebbe Grade B hotel while passengers who were aboard the same flight are also in quarantine.


The report comes barely hours after President Yoweri Museveni announced that no passenger planes would be allowed to enter or leave the country.

Only cargo planes and their crew members will be allowed in the country. Passengers will not be allowed beginning midnight on Sunday 22 March 2020. No passenger planes will be allowed to enter or leave the country,” he said.

And earlier in the day, the Health Minister had said over 100 samples were tested for COVID-19 disease and all had turned out negative.

“Samples are run three times to be sure they are negative. Sometimes I ask my teams to repeat again just to be sure. They have tested and reaffirmed they are negative,” she said.

Coronavirus cases around the world on Saturday stood at 304,334, according to the Worldometer website.

The number of deaths was at 12,983 while those recovered are 94,677.

Countries with one coronavirus case are Uganda, Angola, Chad, Djibouti, Gambia, Niger, Somalia and Eswatini

Africa outlook

African countries with coronavirus cases:

  • Egypt 285
  • South Africa 240
  • Algeria 94
  • Morocco 86
  • Tunisia 54
  • Burkina Faso 40
  • Senegal 47
  • Cameroon 27
  • DRC 18
  • Rwanda 17
  • Ghana 16
  • Nigeria 12
  • Ivory Coast 9
  • Ethiopia 9
  • Togo 9
  • Kenya 7
  • Equatorial Guinea 6
  • Tanzania 6
  • Gabon 4
  • Central African Republic 3
  • Congo 3
  • Madagascar 3
  • Namibia 3
  • Sudan 2
  • Benin 2
  • Guinea 2
  • Liberia 2
  • Zambia 2




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