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Multi-billion real estate company, Erdermann suspends 2000 workers

Erdemann Property Chief Executive Zeyun Yang

A multi-billion real estate company, Erdermann Properties Limited has suspended 2200 site workers over a protracted court row with a liquor company.

The liquor company has accused Erdermann of air pollution.

In a statement issued by Erdermann on Thursday, March 12, it announced it laid off some workers owing to the temporary suspension of their services following a court order.

The company announced that as of March 6, 2020, it had stopped the proposed construction of the Great Wall Gardens (GWG 3) project.

This happened following a temporary suspension of their conservatory and interim orders by the Environment and Land Court in Makueni.

For that reason, Erdermann announced it had to sever ties with some of the employees, suppliers of local materials, and contractors, alongside disappointing the buyers who had expressed interest in the properties.

“To our over 2000 esteemed workers of the proposed GWG 3 project, we are aware that there are 2000 families dependent on your earnings but as a result of the stoppage of the construction works, we also have no choice but to suspend your services with immediate effect,” said the statement in part.

The statement further read; “To the over 200 local sub-contractors of the proposed projects, we thank you for your dedication and support. It is, however, unfortunate that due to the stoppage of the works, we have to suspend your services.”

Erdermann Properties also urged for patience from over 200 suppliers of construction materials with indications that there could be a probable delay in settling outstanding balances owing to the suspension of services.

The company told investors that it would work in its best capacity to recover the lost time once the protracted court battles are compensated once work resumes.

“We sincerely apologize to home buyers of the proposed GWC 3 project that because of the stoppage of the construction by the court on March 6, 2020, the same may cause delays to the targeted completion date of July 2020,” says the statement.

Erdermann said will commit to working around the clock to recover any lost construction time during the period and commit to continue working with the government to realize the success of the Affordable Housing Program under the Big 4 Agenda.

The company also urged its neighbours to desist from frustrating its projects and instead concentrate on properly discharging waste.

Erdermann Limited is behind the construction of River Estate, Great Wall Apartments, Kileleshwa Executive Apartments, Windsor View Apartments, and the Lake Basin Mall, amongst a host of other high-profile property development across the country.




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