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MP Ali warns DP Ruto against using choppers

MP Mohammed Ali.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali has strongly defended Deputy President, William Ruto following him being linked to the brutal murder of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei.

In a lengthy morning post on social media on Sunday, March 8, the legislator, better known as Moha Jicho Pevu, spelt out several cautionary measures the DP needed to take following claims that his life could be in danger.

Ali advised Ruto against traveling by helicopter, cautioned him to exercise extra vigilance while taking food and drinks and asked him to carry his own seat when attending events.

“To my friend, DP William Ruto avoid choppers, have additional security, be very careful with your food and drinks, keep an eye on all your cars, go slow in phone communication and if possible carry your own seat to your functions,” stated Ali.

All the other options have failed, you spoke of one on Saturday and that’s the only option they have now. May God protect you, Ali told Ruto

The latter statement alluded to a comment made by DP William Ruto at the funeral of Kenei held on Saturday.

The DP had stated that those who had planned Kenei’s death were likely to target him as well. “Those who killed Kenei can kill me but I am not going [to back down],” stated Ruto.

It was against this backdrop that Mohammed Ali penned his thoughts on the controversies surrounding the Echesa arms deal saga and all who had been pulled into it.

Ali directed a few words at Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti insisting that he had bungled the case owing to the manner in which he had chosen to handle it.

“It’s too late to recover. The damage is done to the entire DCI detectives. No wonder all your cases don’t see the light of the day in our courts. The courts are working, stop blaming them. They deal with facts and evidence not drama and PR. I’m sorry Bwana Kinoti no one will trust your service again. You are a top cop not a weather forecast reporter,” provided Ali.

The Nyali MP preceded this tirade by raising a number of questions on how the DCI had conducted the investigations. He stated that Kenya’s top detective had failed to follow the available clues to form a conclusion thereby compromising the case.

“Not all detectives are the same – some play bad cop. Kinoti is playing one courtesy of the rogue system. My advice to him, Follow the clues of investigation to breakthrough. What you are doing now is zero work.”

The former investigative reporter also urged Kinoti to reveal the identities of the murderers insisting that the detective was intentionally keeping citizens in the dark.

“I’m not here to defend anyone. I’m simply trying to tell you that you know the killers and you must tell Kenyans the truth,” he argued.

Meanwhile, Deputy President William Ruto is now warning that he will soon name and shame civil servants in government he says are being used to undermine his office.

Speaking in Meru, Ruto said Governors, Senators, Members of Parliament and Members of County Assembly were being blackmailed because of their political choices.

He noted that if some people were uncomfortable with leaders associating with him, they should “come forward and face me instead of hiding behind some shadows”.

“I have no apologies to make to anybody. And I want to tell those public officers using those offices that soon and very soon we will call them out. They must stop the nonsense they are engaged in making telephone calls to leaders blackmailing people left right and centre.

“If they are men enough let them come forward and face me. Let them not hide behind shadows and telephone calls,” said Ruto.

The deputy president cautioned public servants against being used to perpetuate certain political agendas.

He asked them to serve Kenyans in accordance with the law rather than blackmailing and intimidating others to achieve political ends.

“Leaders in Kenya today are being treated to intimidation, blackmail, threats, that they will be taken to this or that court because of their political affiliation. When did Kenya sink that low to try and use the criminal justice system to perpetuate a certain political agenda or narrative,” he said.

This was the second day in a row that Ruto was coming out guns blazing against government officers he claims are being used to politically undermine him.

On Saturday, speaking at the burial of his late security guard Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei, Ruto claimed the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti was being used to undermine his office.





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