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Kitet Maasai community wins as Raila, Kenyatta reassure return of Kedong Ranch

Delegates in Narok BBI meeting today. PHOTO - GPS

Two Narok leaders walked out of a stormy Building Bridges Initiative meeting organised ahead of Saturday’s rally over claims of tribal profiling.

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno and Narok Deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa walked out of the meeting after the daughter of the late William Ntimama, Leah claimed the position of governor and deputy belong entirely to the Maasai community.

Ng’eno and Aruasa claimed the remark made in the meeting that was supposed to be attended by all the leaders had disintegrated into “ethnic profiling”.

Contrary to earlier reports that the two leaders were not given a chance to defend themselves, those in the meeting claimed the deputy governor and the MP just walked out throwing up their hands.

Leah had just completed talking when she added; “Narok made a very big mistake to have a Kipsigis deputy governor.”

The Kipsigis community are said to have voted in the Narok Governor Samuel Tunai, whose mother is from the Kalenjin community, 100 per cent after he picked Aruasa as his running-mate in the last general elections.

After the two leaders walked out, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga walked into the meeting and announced that he had met with President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss the “burning issue of the Kitet Maasai” on the disputed Kedong Ranch sitting on 75,000 acres.

Odinga said he agreed that the Kitet community had been denied justice after some individuals grabbed their land.

“I sat with Uhuru and we agreed that the Kitet community land issue must be resolved once for all. They have suffered for a long time, and it is time they get their land back,” said Odinga as he received deafening ululation from other members of the Maasai community.

On Tuesday, the Kitet community had vowed to disrupt the Saturday Narok BBI rally so that the organisers could listen to their tribulation.

They claimed that four known Maasai people colluded with the officials from the Kedong Ranch Company to withdraw a land case in court in exchange for 4,000 acres of land.

They have since rejected the offer and now want the entire land (75,000 acres) to be returned to them.





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