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Desert locust invades Kajiado, county prepared – Koin

Desert locust invades Dalalekutuk, Matapato, Kajiado East and South.

It is now official some parts of Kajiado County have been invaded by the dreaded desert locust.

County agriculture minister, Jackline Koin, announced on Saturday afternoon that positive sightings of the desert locust were reported on Friday, January 7, in Malilima and Kikuro locations, both in Kajiado Central Sub-County.

“Crop protection officers on the ground have established positive sightings of the locusts that were first reported from the two locations,” said Koin in a statement.

She said the middle-sized swarm had already covered a radius of 5 km as by Friday evening.

“Other confirmed areas of the invasion as per this afternoon are in Matapato North Ward and include; Lele, Meto, Olomunyi, Onkorika, and Elobirir,” said the county minister.

Koin said the swarms are spreading across into Kajiado East constituency in Sholinke location and further to Eseki, Noompopong, Olooitikoshi and Oldonyo Lodge in Imbirrikani areas of Kajiado South.

The county minister said the swarm that has roosted in the areas mentioned has been established to be the same destructive breed that was first reported to have invaded the country through Mandera in late December. 

She said the locusts are in full incubation period according to her field extension officers on the ground and are feeding on all vegetation. 

“I am taking this opportunity to assure members of public we are fully in control of the situation,” she said.

Koin said that the county government had procured and dispatched to the affected areas immediate mitigation equipment including15 motorised sprayers, 30 knapsack sprayers and 300 litres of pesticides. 

These, she said, will be used for ground mitigation efforts awaiting aerial spraying by the State Department of Agriculture once they have received location coordinates in the coming week. 




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