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County acquires motorised pumps in readiness of desert locust attack

Desert Locust. Kajiado now is fully prepared in case of any eventuality.

The department of agriculture is doing capacity building for stakeholders in preparation of any eventuality in case of desert locust invasion in Kajiado.

County Agriculture CEC Member, Jackline Koin said on Monday said some of her officers have been trained in desert locust control and are now moving to all the sub-counties to train other stakeholders on how to manage and control desert locust.

“The department is now training chiefs, county and national government administrators, agricultural field officers in regard to desert locust invasion in Isinya for the information to be cascaded to farmers,” said Koin on the telephone. 

Map of Kajiado County/ COURTESY.

Koin said her centre of interest, although all the sub-counties will be targeted, to train stakeholders in Mashuuru, Kajiado North and Kajiado West because they border counties already invaded by desert locust.

Others on the list to be given priority are Kajiado South and Kajiado Central.

“The county government has already procured equipment, protective material, and chemicals in readiness for this looming disaster,” she said.

Koin said the training is being conducted by 4 officers who had been sent for specialised training on the same.

She said the county government has already acquired motorised and manual pumps for use in case of an envisaged attack.




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