Keda Ceramics have so far paid Ksh1.5m in last three years

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

EDUCATION: Beneficiaries of bursaries are transparently picked by committee members appointed from the community

. When the company established itself in Kajiado in 2016, it realized that education was the most sought-after investment by local communities


Keda Ceramics Ltd has said it has been paying Ksh500,000 annually to support needy students in the last three years as part of its corporate social responsibility programme.

Keda Ceramics Managing Director Ruiqin Li made the announcement when he presented a total of Ksh500,000 in bursaries to 37 needy students.

The colourful event took place on December 14 and was graced by Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho and County Secretary Lenku Seki at the company’s main factory in Kajiado.

The managing director said among those who received bursaries were 10 Kajiado students from various universities across the country. There were also six beneficiaries from colleges and 21 secondary school students from the surrounding communities.

“This is our third time to dish out bursaries to needy students from the communities around here. This year’s exercise is unique, in that the last two times we have only assisted needy students from Inkiwanjani. Today, we have cast our net far and wide,” said Li, amid ululation from the beneficiaries and their parents.

He said when the company established itself in Kajiado in 2016, it realized that education was the most sought-after investment by local communities, but financial resources were their biggest impediment.

“We are providing them with whatever is possible because the company believes in good neighbourliness. The company has also sunk boreholes for the community in Inkiwanjani,” said Li.

The managing director said that in mid-2019, he invited China’s ambassador to Kenya to preside over the launch of a water project in Inkiwanjani that is now serving 70 homesteads.

He said his company plans to expand its CSR program further, providing additional services to the local people. “This year, we provided 3,000 seedlings to the local communities, in addition to giving them water. We are also planning to dish out some 100,000 seedlings to the people around us. We believe in a green environment, and this is the reason we have this project at heart,” said Lee.

Moshisho praised Keda Ceramics Ltd for working closely with the neighbouring communities, adding that CSR programmes for the people are crucial as they built their trust towards such investors.

He said he was satisfied with the work being done by Keda in sensitising communities to take their children to school.

Seki said the people of Kajiado Central have a lot of confidence with the company because beneficiaries of their bursaries are transparently picked by committee members appointed from the community.

He urged the beneficiaries of such bursaries to prove their salt by excelling academically, adding that many students out there had not been accorded the kind of support being given.

Li later led hundreds of staff in marking their end-of-year party. Some of the best staff members were given awards.

Some 600 employees attended the end-of-year party. Out of the number, 134 employees were awarded certificates and good service awards, while another 100 received raffle gifts of smartphones, cash, blenders, gift hampers and blankets.

Other guests who graced the occasion included Lazarus Opicho of the National Police Service; Moses Ikiara, the managing director of the Kenya Investment Authority; Dr Henry Rotich of the Kenya Bureau of Standards; and Tobias Alando, Head of Membership Development at the Kenya Association of Manufacturers

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