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OPINION: Deconstructing fallacies of Ewuaso/Keek-Onyokie region

Kinayio Alan is the writer

That they brought and introduced Governor JJ to the region politics, we do know that Governor JJ is a typical son of Maa who knew the direction of the region and could ask votes without you.

That we the small social media boys know nothing about Governor JJ hence we’ve no background of talking about his exemplary developments, I vividly recall that I knew him in 2003 when I was reading a Daily newspaper at Olodung’oro Primary School.

That Governor JJ loves people of a certain clan and treats them like England queens, Its public knowledge that he serves all and loves, JJ hates brokers, community betrayers, greedy individuals, anything short of that, treat it as fallacious!

That few individuals must be consulted when the destiny of Keek-Onyokie children is planned, we are well informed that any Maa leader that protects, cares and fight for the plight of our people is the individual.

That there is a cartel of individuals that Governor JJ must heed to their irreducible minimums to be tolerated in the area, No, Governor JJ only needs the voice of the people and their public participation to bring development to the region.

That the region is someone’s bedroom, no, fallacious! Kenyans only know one bedroom in the Republic of Kenya~Kibra, Baba’s bedroom. Governor JJ enjoys mass support in the region and needs nobody’s signature.

That Governor JJ is a bad leader, no, very fallacious. We know, unapologetically, that Governor JJ is an excellent leader and Maa kingpin. You said that to Dr. David Nkedianye but today, we can’t allow you, even an inch!


Kinayio Allan

Son of a nomad.



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