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Activism will not clean our towns – Olowuasa

A group of women and men clean up Isinya town on weekly basis.

Kaputiei MCA Joshua Olowuasa has dismissed as falsehood claims by a section of residents who portray Isinya as dirty.

Olowuasa says several women groups and 8 men who work as casuals at the local environment department clean up Isinya town daily.

“I hear that some people have even invited the media to cook stories that portray Isinya town as dirty. I do not understand what they are up to because I have not seen them during clean-up days when volunteers turn up,” said the MCA.

Olowuasa singled out a local human rights activist, Benjamin Tipatet, whom he accused him of incitement.

Tipatet had earlier recorded a statement with the police after he claimed his life had been threatened by a businessman, Salonik Mareru.

Mareru has since claimed Tipatet stormed his business premises without his permission with journalists last week in Isinya and started shooting pictures.

“I found his action malicious because this is impersonation. He impersonated people from the environment department, and police should arrest him for such actions,” said Mareru.

“Tipatet is wasting his time in trying to destroy the good name of the great people of Kaputiei North Ward. I do not know why he is being itched by private women groups who are working at Isinya to keep the town clean,” claimed Mareru.

Tipatet in his statement with the police claimed Mareru had threatened his life by telling him to attempt to go to the town again if he is circumcised.

A supporter of the MCA, who sought anonymity, claimed their Ward Rep recently raised Ksh22,000 meant for school fees for a student of a single mother.

 “I am so impressed with the MCA. Last week we had a form 4 student raised by a widow, who was sent home due to school fees arrears. It was so urgent and no one was able to contribute the money but the MCA came to our aid,” said the supporter.





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