Nkaloyo Comes out Fighting, as Matapato North Community Takes Him On

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A section of Matapato North Ward residents are planning to recall their MCA over what they claimed “incessant absenteeism” on the ground.

The heartbroken voters have now embraced wordsmith King Kaka’s lyrics, #WajingaNyinyi, as they confirm their “stupidity” in electing a “wrong” leaders.

The section of them took their grievances to the social media platform on Thursday night where they openly claimed their MCA, Dickson Nkaloyo, went “absent” soon after he was elected in 2017.

“Ashe, we are very sorry for ourselves…we made a mistake, but we will revisit,” said Ole Nkoitu, one commentator.

Zedy Meentu, another Facebook user said; “The people of Matapato North celebrated when Nkaloyo won the election. Today our lamentations and regrets are more than expected. Let us look back at our youth road map because things are not good.”

A contributor, Masento Memitikule Tipape, took issue with others who attempted to bring the MCA’s issues into the debate, adding that Nkaloyo’s recent ceremony in which he married another wife was personal.

Peterson Tuiyia said; “We are planning to recall him, he is a disgrace to our community.”

Patty De Hustler stood with Nkaloyo, saying their leader is not going anywhere, while Samuel Ole Sanago said; “We made a big mistake but in 2022, we will change the tune. Pole sana Mheshimiwa Masaa.”

Masaa is the nickname of the former immediate MCA in the area, Lesalaon Ole Seki.

Others claimed the sitting MCA reneged on his duties as an opposition leader in the assembly and has chosen to go to bed with the executive.

In his reaction, Nkaloyo said he has no personal vendetta with any of his voters, and added that those attacking him on social platforms are either the supporters of the former MCA, Seki or have “completely lost touch” with what is happening on the ground.

When asked why he is being attacked two years after the election, Nkaloyo pointed a finger on his “jobless” political opponent [Seki] whom he accused of attempting to seek re-election through “uncouth” means.

“I have been watching them making moves on social media, and at some point, I decided to disengage myself from Facebook so that I can have peace of mind away from irrelevant issues,” said Nkaloyo.

He claimed that those bickering on social media have no idea what he has done for the people of Matapato North.

“A lot of things are happening in terms of development in my ward. We have county government flagship projects and those done by ward development fund. All the projects in the ward are 80 per cent complete,” he said.

On the 2022 general elections, Nkaloyo said; “Let those interested in my seat now to hold they horses because I am not ready to answer them. I am busy overseeing projects in the ward. When the time comes, I will face them. I am still in the ODM party and my development record talks volumes.”

He said as MCA, he cannot attend to all personal functions are demanded by his supporters, but he will strive to attend to community issues when time is available.

Nkaloyo told those accusing him of going to bed with the executive that he has no issues with the county leadership because the differences were long buried by the “handshake” spearheaded by opposition doyen, Raila Odinga, and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I will be going for my re-election in 2022 with a lot of vigour because my development record is speaking for itself. Those who want the seat will be competing with my development record, and not me,” Nkaloyo finally said.

Lastly, he said: “Please make sure you have written all that I have told you. I want them to hear it loud and clear that I am not a coward and not serving the interests of individuals but the community”.


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