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EDITORIAL – Style up Mr. County Director of Education

Juliet Atieno (413) carried up in the air as teachers celebrate her performance.

Today I encountered the hostility of the worst order from a senior Ministry of Education official in Kajiado when he slammed his phone on my ears.

I have been tracing the officer, who is the county director of education, to no avail after one of his officers gave us his telephone contact.

As a gentleman, I sent him an SMS after he refused to pick my calls from the morning. He did not respond to the message as expected.

Later in the evening, I called his number and after several seconds he picked the call and started demanding to know who I am, and who gave me his contact.

I introduced myself by name and even told him what I do. He asked loudly; “Who are you and who gave you my number?”

This begs my big question, has Kajiado county been turned into a dumping ground for public servants, who have no moral values?

The officer should have asked me to explain to him why I was calling him the entire day instead of yelling like an injured antelope on my ears.

The office of the County Director of Education is not personal property. As a journalist, I have the right to ask for certain information which I believed was in his office because his officers directed me to him.

What is wrong for a member of the public to ask for government data on education and how the county performed in the last Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination?

Why are other government offices open and ready to assist members of the public, and not you, Mr. County Director of Education?

Kenyans are demanding services from your office but you have chosen your path. You are failing this country Mr. County Director.

Borrow a leaf from the office of the County Commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha, who answers to calls even when he is on leave. What is so special about your office, if I may ask once again?




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