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Three Arrested on Suspicion of Dropping Off Rabies-Infected dogs

Residents block the road after arresting three people suspected to have been dropping infected dogs on November 30.

Three people were arrested along Oljoronyori Road after they were spotted dropping off dogs suspected to be infected with rabies.

Residents of Olerai today on Saturday woke up to a rude shock when they spotted a pick-up vehicle with three occupants in it dropping dogs by the road as they drove along.

The residents led by their elder, Ezekiel Kurende, intercepted the vehicle and ‘arrested’ the three people before calling the police.

“They looked suspicious by all the standards because they could not explain to us why they were dropping the canines along the road. On checking on the vehicle, we found 4 dogs remaining,” said Kurende.

BELOW: Some of the four canines left in the car after the arrest.

Kurende said irate residents who wanted to lynch the suspects were restrained but were able to puncture all the tyres on the vehicle.

“I called Kiserian police who showed up after hours and arrested the suspects. They also towed away from the scene the vehicle that had 4 dogs,” said Kurende.

At the time of going to the press, police were still investigating the matter.

Some of the residents of Olerai, who we talked to, claimed the vehicle is suspected it had dropped some 26 dogs before it was apprehended.

Another resident claimed one cow had been mauled by the dropped dogs but was not giving specifics.




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