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Celebrations as Tata Wins 2019 COYA Award on Corporate Citizenship

From left: Anthony Wanjohi, Ken Muiruri, Maureen Thuku, Joy Njau, Geoffrey Langat, Scolar Koome, Prisca Otipa, Tulito Turere and Wilson Lusalenge after receiving the awards.

Tata Chemicals Magadi was declared the winner of this year’s Company of the Year Awards (COYA) (2019) on corporate citizenship, quality, and productivity.

On receiving the award, Tata Chemicals Magadi Head of Human Resource Prisca Dorine Otipa said; “We continue to live our mission, of serving society through science which is demonstrated by our robust CSR program that promotes the development and welfare of the communities around us. We continue to leverage our initiatives to strengthen the community around us.”

Otipa said the win is a great achievement for the company and the people of Kajiado County, who have been supportive of their endeavour. She said their achievement is anchored on the company’s pragmatic way of handling issues related to corporate citizenship.

“Without the support of the people of Magadi, and Kajiado at large, we would not be smiling today. They have walked with us on this long journey, and we promise to even work harder together in ensuring their welfare in terms of our corporate social responsibility. It is prudent that whatever we do for the communities around us impacts positively on them,” said an elated Otipa.

The winners of this year’s awards were announced in a colourful ceremony held at Radisson Hotel, Nairobi

The Kenya Institute of Management Company of the Year awards is held to celebrate organizations that have made a difference in business and lives of the people they serve.

For the last 18 years, KIM has been running COYA Awards – a prestigious corporate event that recognizes organizations that have embraced the Organizational Performance Index (OPI) Business Excellence framework.

This recognition also incorporates SMEs (SME of the Year Awards – SMOYA) with a view to developing such enterprises to become bigger corporates as they contribute to the national economic development.


Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited(TCML) Continues to live its mission, of “Serving Society through science” and this is demonstrated by its commitment to delivering a robust CSR program that promotes the development and welfare of the communities around us.

The guiding principle of TCML is that businesses must go beyond the profit motive to contribute to the development of the communities around us.

The company has recently carried out a through community needs assessment to determine the needs and priorities of the community and integrate the voice of the community into our programs.

Our CSR has been recognized by the Federation of Kenya of Employers as the winner in the Category-Responsible Business Conduct and Company of the Year Awards (COYA) 2019 – Corporate Citizenship category.

The key pillars of our CSR include the following:

  1. 1Education
  • The company sponsors four schools (Magadi Secondary School, Patterson Memorial Secondary School, Magadi primary school, and Magadi Soda School).
  • Bursary programs: The company sponsors 80 students every year at the university level and 224 per year for secondary education.
  • A total of 1,600 students have received bursaries since the inception of the program; with one hundred graduates.
  • Magadi Education Day (12th July 2019): Our CSR arm, Magadi Soda Foundation, convened the Magadi education day which is the largest education event in Magadi Division.

The event brought together all the 22 schools in the Magadi division, five thousand students and key government and educational officials.

This massive event puts the company at the forefront in driving the education agenda whose objective is to evaluate the state of education and put in place interventions to improve educational standards in the Magadi ward and beyond.


  1. 2Transport Infrastructure. 
  • The company rehabilitated 71.5 Kilometers of several local marram roads and provides a train passenger coach service with a capacity of 75 passengers five days a week, from Kajiado to Magadi and back to Kajiado per day.
  • The company also provides transport to our community members from Magadi to Kajiado twice a week at a subsidized charge.


  1. 3Health 
  • Through our Magadi Hospital, we provide health care (curative and preventative services) to over 30,000 community members throughout the years at subsidized rates.
  • The company has an elaborate wellness program in place to reduce incidences of morbidity and mortalities from preventable causes. This involves the provision of routine medical education and monthly outreach programs to the community.
  • We have engaged several qualified professionals at Magadi hospital to include doctors, nurses, clinical officers, laboratory technologists, pharmacy technologists, physiotherapists, radiographer, occupational therapist and nutritionist to ensure the provision of standard and quality care to Magadi community.
  • The company through Magadi Soda Foundation has entered into partnerships with donors to invest in health improvement programs (Safaricom for maternal health care program; Vitamin Angels that provide vitamins and dewormer to 59,000 community members every year).
  1. Disaster Response and Emergency Relief and Community Welfare Programs
  • We continue to carry out the rehabilitation of the Sampu water line (a dedicated community waterline) with regular maintenance to supply water to over 30,000 community members.
  • As a drought mitigation measure, we have distributed food to over 1000 elderly people and 500 most vulnerable households in Magadi.
  1. Water 
  • We Supply 150,000 litres of treated drinking water per week for the hard to reach population between Magadi and Sinkiraine along the 48 km railway line from Magadi.
  • We also supply 60,000 litres of treated drinking water per day to 18 public primary schools, 40 ECDE, 7 dispensaries, and 17 community water points using a water boozer and supply the Olmutarro market.


6. Economic Empowerment:

  • We provide jobs for the local community through an affirmative action where100% of salt harvesting jobs are reserved for the local community.
  • We also support income-generating activities including the Beadwork project where 40 women have benefited from this initiative.
  • We partner with the community through our Lake Magadi Adventures to boost eco-tourism initiatives which provide a direct source of income to the community using the natural assets available to the community. The project is heavily subsidized by the community







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