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Rise in Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora Uptake as Dalalekutuk, Magadi Wards Lead

Dalalekutuk and Magadi Wards are leading the charts on families that have enrolled for this year’s Kajiado County Government’s Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora Initiative.

In provisional data released by the Initiative’s Chief Returning Officer, Eda Wakapa at 11 am today ahead of the mega goat auction tomorrow, at least 4,300 families had already enrolled for the medical cover by either contributing a goat or paying the requisite Sh 3,000 to National Hospital Insurance Fund.

Wakapa is also the Chief Officer for Public Health and Sanitation. She said10 wards exceeded their target of 200 families, with the rest recording between 100 and 200 beneficiaries.

Dalalekutuk Ward is leading with 301 beneficiaries followed by Magadi Ward with 292 beneficiaries.

“Other wards that exceeded the target are Keek-Onyokie (287), Entonet Lenkisim (286), Matapato South (278), Ongata Rongai (249), Imbirrikani/Eselenkei (242), Iloodokilani (239), Kenyewa/Poka (217) and Matapato North (213),”said Wakapa.

The numbers continue to rise and the figures will be higher by close of business today as more goats continue to be delivered at the Demonstration Farm and more people pay. The goat auction will kick off at 10 am on Thursday.



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