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Activist Parit Rescues Four More Children from FGM, Early Marriage

Dorcus Parit with rescued 16-year-old girl who on November 25 escaped arranged marriage with an elderly person.


Loitokitok police are hunting down two parents of a minor, who escaped an early marriage from her home in Misigio area of Kajiado South.

The incident which took place on November 25 called to action anti early childhood marriages from Kajiado led by Dorcus Parit to take up the matter and demand for the arrest of her parents.

The 16-year-old girl, who is still in school, was slated to be married off by her parents in Misigio village in the Murtot area of Kajiado South on Monday.

BELOW: Kapeen ole Meikoki negotiates with child rights activist Dorcus Parit on November 16 in Loitokitok.

A first attempt by the police failed to nab the culprits who planned to marry off their daughter against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to end up female genital mutilation and early marriages for girls.

Parit, who led the rescue mission, took the minor to her Kimana Children’s Home where she hopes to begin going to school early next year.

“This is a frightening trend that is taking place in this county even after the government declared it criminal to marry off minors. This is happening all over in Kajiado South and we have the responsibility to stop it,” said Parit, who is the director at Hope Beyond Foundation.

This happened less than one week when on November 16 Parit led local chiefs in rescuing three minors from a planned circumcision/FGM in the Isinet area near Kimana in Kajiado South.

The incident was planned to take place at the home of Kapeen Meikoki alias Njoroge before Parit took action and rescued three girls aged between 11 years and 8 years.

“We were tipped off that a planned circumcision was to take place, and I organised my team to storm the home. Their plan never took place because Meikoki wanted her elder daughters in a secondary school, and who has taken refuge at another home to escape the cut to part of the ceremony but she refused,” said Parit.

This happened when KNU was in Loitokitok following up on the matter. A meeting was organised for Meikoki to meet with Parit at a secluded place and was joined by our reporters.

It emerged that Meikoki had differed with his wife on several occasions over whether to cut the girls or not.

His wife, who was away from her home, had reported to the authorities what was happening at their home through a local chief, who in turn disclosed the information to her husband.

Meikoki became violent and in the process, his wife of 24 years escaped at night and took refuge in Kitengela, some 200 kilometres away.

But after the man was confronted with the facts, he pledged to forego his plans before a panel of chiefs and a representative from the Children’s Department in Loitokitok.

Meikoki, who became remorseful, promised to maintain the law and order. He was instructed to construct a decent house for the three minors and their mother.

The girls and their mother are living in a grass-thatched house with multiple holes on its wall. Meikoki, we established to have a second wife, who he built a modern house, while the elder wife is living in a squalid condition.

Parit, who has been working closely with government officials, the police and Church leaders in the county, has rescued more than 500 children from early marriages and FGM.

After rescuing them, she takes them to school and later reconciles them with their families after they are above the age of 18.



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