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Eastmatt Supermarket Assault Culprit Ordered Locked Up For 14 days

Suspect Kirruti Tarayia -left- is being led to Kajiado Police Station after his re-arrest on Sunday following DPP's order. Photo KNU.


A Kajiado Supermarket supervisor, who insulted a colleague in a viral video, was arraigned on Monday, November 25 and ordered to be locked up in prison.

In a police charge sheet, Kirruti Tarayia, who appeared before Resident Magistrate Margaret Kasera, is alleged to have assaulted Sharon Atieno and caused her bodily harm on November 19 at 2 pm.

Kasera ordered that the suspect be locked up at Kajiado GK Prison for 14 days before his case is mentioned.

The Magistrate said she was compelled to lock up Tarayia following intelligence reports he would interfere with the case before the court.


Tarayia, who was arrested a day after he assaulted Atieno at their workplace – Kajiado Eastmatt Supermarket, was released by police from custody before being arraigned on claims the law enforcement officers said; “Mutual agreement to iron out their differences out of the police station”.

The County Police Commander, Beatrice Gachago, told reporters on Saturday that the suspect had been arraigned but that the woman (Atieno) withdrew the case from the police.

“Yes the culprit was indeed arrested after the incident, but the woman said they would settle the matter out of court,” said Gachago on Saturday.

Following the public and the Consumer Federation of Kenya outcry, the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji ordered the re-arrest of the culprit.

The police swung into action on Sunday and arrested Tarayia, who was on Monday, November 25 was arraigned.

Over the weekend, the Eastmatt Supermarket issued a statement claiming the suspect acted solely and “has been suspended, while the victim is undergoing treatment”.

In the viral video that leaked to social media, Tarayia is seen slapping Atieno several times before grabbing her by the hair and slapping her some more.

He then goes around the desk and proceeds to drag and beat her until two other male colleagues swung into action to save Atieno from fling blows from Tarayia.



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